Wednesday, May 9, 2018

White Collared by Kelly Apple

Title: White Collared
Author: Kelly Apple
My Rating: A

Genre: Paranormal Romance 
Series: Wicked Pride #3
Main Characters: Kane and Carrie
Release Date: July 2018
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Kane Mayhew, Alpha of the cat shifters and all around surly guy, has never been one to walk away from a challenge. So when a full-human walks into his business and asks for help, he gives it to her. He never expected to find himself in the middle of a possible inter-species war. Or trying to figure out how to keep the pretty human with him once he’d done as he said.

He was a cat, after all, and cats looked after themselves.

But Carrie Sato is intriguing. She calls to his beast and she’s fierce enough to stand up to him when he’s at his worst. When the help she asked for leads them into the territory of one of the meanest shifter breeds around, Kane knows he’s going to have to be as quick and deadly as his kind are known for.

Not only when it comes to keeping her safe, but also so he can stake a claim on her heart.

Because when a lion finds his mate, nobody better get between them.
My Review:

Gah, I love this series so much. Sexy shifters for the win! RAWR!

In this book, Carrie is a human who needs help. Her boss is a jerk who's set her up and could very well ruin her life. So, she goes to Kane, the alpha of the cat pride, for help. 

Kane isn't a shifter who deals with humans often, but Carrie is unlike most humans. She isn't at all intimidated by him. In fact, she stands up to him often...and he loves that. I have to admit, I loved her for that, too. 

This series is super-sexy and I feel like this book is even better at all that. Kane and Carrie have incredible chemistry and that definitely translates into some amazingly hot scenes. I do love it when a shifter gets all hot and bothered. Even better, Carrie is the perfect match for him, no matter that she's human. 

I liked this book. It was short, but wasn't short on story. The attraction between Kane and Carrie is immediate, but that's the way it works for shifters. 

Now, I'm ready to read the bear shifter story...yum! That next one is set up a little bit in this one and I like the setup already. The bears need to revamp their reputation...hmm, this should prove interesting. I can't wait!

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