Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Lennon Reborn by Scarlett Cole

Title: Lennon Reborn
Author: Scarlett Cole
My Rating: A

Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Series: Preload #4
Main Characters: Lennon and Gia
Release Date: May 2018
Publisher: Swerve
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
From the queen of heart-pounding, sexy, emotional romance Scarlett Cole comes Lennon Reborn, a stunning, shattering rock star romance in the Preload series.

Lennon McCartney is not a broken man. Because being broken implies being whole once. When a horrific accident deprives him of the one thing he loves—his talent as a fierce and explosive drummer—Lennon is left with a life chained by an abusive mother, by crushing guilt over a tragic past. A life he doesn’t want.

Dr. Georgia Starr is a legend. She’s one of the most successful neurosurgeons in the world, coming from a long-line of respected New York doctors. Her life is built around solving complex medical cases in order to bring relief and hope to sick children. But the one problem she can’t solve is how to live her life. How to be shake loose the burden of being her elitist, arrogant father’s daughter. How to be free.

Can a man who despises his life and a woman who desperately needs to live find the answers, and love, with each other?

**Warning: Deals with dark themes and deep personal struggles.**
My Review:
OMG, I thought this book might break me. The beginning of it was shattering to read...serious, tears running down my face and not being able to breath through the crying moments. And honestly, that heartbreaking, shattered feeling sticks with the story for a long time...because Lennon wasn't in a good place mentally when the book began. After the events at the beginning, he's broken. 

The only thing keeping him from giving up entirely is Georgia, the surgeon who saw the accident happen and pulled the whole band out of the bus. But in Gia, Lennon finds a purpose beyond himself...because as messed up as he is, he sees that she needs someone to pull her away from becoming completely caught up in her work. 

They need each other and it makes for a beautiful evolution for both of them. 

The family dichotomy was also interesting in this one. Lennon grew up in horrific circumstances, but he has his family through the band and his family that he found in foster care. On the other hand, Georgia grew up in one of the most influential families in NYC, and has no one. Her family is only about what she can do to further their name and fame, nothing about supporting her as a person. While Lennon has this full tribe, Georgia doesn't have anyone. As a result, the two can really relate to one another in a way that's unexpected. 

I've adored every book in this series. Every time a new one comes out, I think that Scarlett Cole can't top it...for the depth of emotion and heartbreak...because every single one of these guys grew up in horrible circumstances so they all have a tragic backstory. But every time, she does it. I think Lennon Reborn is my favorite, but I've loved the entire series. 

But don't worry...you can pick and choose which of these books to read. They all work as stand alones, BUT I do recommend you read them ALL!!

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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