Friday, April 13, 2018

Something So Unscripted by Natasha Madison

Title: Something So Unscripted
Author: Natasha Madison
My Rating: B+

Genre: Sports Romance 
Series: Something So #4
Main Characters: Zack and Denise
Release Date: March 2018
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:

Finding my teammate in bed with my wife made the decision I had been fighting with for years easier.

It’s time to move on. 

A fresh start and a new NHL team in a big city. Most importantly, it’s my son Jack’s best shot. 

It would be both of our best shots. 


After a bad childhood, I made sure I would succeed.

The problem is I die a little with each patient I lose. It’s part of my career at Hudson Children’s Oncology Hospital, but it doesn’t make the sting of loss any easier. 

Seeking anything other than a life saved isn’t on my agenda until a NHL player walks into my hospital with his son. 

We’re officially off script the moment we meet. 

If this love is anything, it’s unscripted.
My Review:
Overall, this was a good, entertaining read. The story had a lot of heart and emotion. But you know when there's a child with cancer that it's going to have a lot of heartbreak to it. 

My heart broke for everything that Zack was dealing with and for the most part, I enjoyed his relationship with Denise. 

I also really enjoyed this circle of friends and how they rely and interact with one another. 

There was only one aspect of the story that I had a bit of difficulty with...Denise, as a doctor was WAY too emotionally involved with both Jack and Zack. While I understood that the story needed it, doubts about her actions kept making me pause in reading and interrupted my enjoyment of the story.

Just a quick review, but I think I covered the main pluses and minuses of my enjoyment of the book. 

Overall, I definitely enjoyed it.

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