Thursday, March 15, 2018

On His Knees by Laura Kaye

Title: On His Knees 
Author: Laura Kaye
My Rating: A-

Genre: Erotic Romance (m/m)
Series: Blasphemy #4
Main Characters: Alex and Jamie
Release Date: February 2018
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Sexual Intensity: erotic

Story Overview:
Getting on his knees makes him question everything…and want even more…

Another failed relationship has lawyer Jamie Fielding confronting the truth—he’ll never be satisfied with any woman until he admits what he needs…to submit and to be used—hard. When a friend invites him to the exclusive Blasphemy club, Jamie is stunned to find everything he ever wanted—in the fierce, ruthless hands of a man.

Psychiatrist Alex McGarry will play with anyone who craves his rough brand of domination, but what he really wants is to settle down. Which makes the submissive male he meets at his club a bad idea—the man might be hot as hell but he’s also new to everything Alex has to offer. Except that doesn’t keep them from coming together again and again, sating every one of their darkest desires.

Master Alex sets Jamie’s whole world on fire and makes him question everything—and that’s good. Because Alex won’t tolerate hiding what they have for long and he wants much more than just having Jamie on his knees...

My Review:

Wow, this was one sexy little read. I thoroughly LOVED it! Jamie is new to all of this. Right before his thirtieth birthday, he's getting a tattoo after yet another girlfriend has dumped him. His tattoo artist says something about Jamie being a masochist and suddenly Jamie's world opens up wide. 

He's never understood why he doesn't seem to connect like other people. His revelation...he's a bisexual masochist...something that he never even considered or knew before. So, needless to say when he goes to Blasphemy, a whole new world opens up to him and his guide, Master Alex, is everything he's ever wanted, but never realized he needed. 

There are lots of new experiences for Jamie...layered with the pain that he needs and seriously, this book is really very sexy. I loved it. I loved the dynamic between the two guys. 

My only serious complaint was that there was a lot of possible depth to this story. It could have been at least twice as long and had a HUGE emotional impact for the reader. Not that it was bad, because it totally was not. It just wasn't phenomenal...and with a bit more development, it could have been. 

But as is, I loved it and highly recommend it. I haven't been reading this series. I think I may have to go back and fix that now.

Cover Whore Confession: I totally bought this book because of that sexy as hell cover.

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