Saturday, March 31, 2018

Never Let Go by Jill Sanders (audiobook)

Title:  Never Let Go
Author: Jill Sanders
My Rating: B
Narrator: Lauren Ezzo

Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Series: Haven, Montana #2
Main Characters: Trent and Addy
Release Date: February 2018 
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
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Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:
Activist meets corporate in this sizzling romance author Jill Sanders.
Trent McGowan has never been the guy who doesn’t get what he wants. He and his brothers are making a go of the oil business, and he’s always had a bit of a reputation with the ladies. Only lately, something’s been missing—something Trent never realized he needed…until he sees his childhood crush standing on the picket line, trying to destroy his company. And what happened to turn sweet Addy Collins into a sexy activist?
Environmentalist Adrianna Collins has returned to her hometown of Haven, Montana, on a mission to stop destructive oil mining. She never imagined that the corporate face on the other side of the protest line would be her lifelong crush. The Trent she remembers is better known for flirting than, uh, fracking, and she can’t believe he’d risk his city to make a quick buck.
Now Trent’s determined to prove that he’s not the person she thinks he is. If he can earn Addy’s trust, he might be able to save his company—and bring Addy home for good.
My Review:
Overall: 3.5
Performance: 3.0
Story: 3.75

Overall, I'm enjoying this series. I like the three brothers and their mother and what they're trying to do in this small town with their oil business. My husband works in the oil business at the same time that we believe in environmental issues...not an easy balance, so I really, really love what the author is trying to do with these guys and their company. 

This was an interesting story just because Addy is a huge environmental activist, actively protesting the McGowan's oil company...not exactly a match made in heaven. But the story works...even if Addy did seem to lose a bit of her fire by the end of the story as her focus shifted from her job to her family issues. The book felt a bit split just because Addy's conflict was split into two very separate issues.

But I did like Trent's home life and the things that are developing there for this series. And I really enjoyed Trent and Addy as a couple. I also LOVED the puppy developments and all their names....oh, and the horse names were PERFECT. 

Note: I really didn't like this narrator much. While she had great voices that were very distinctive from one another, she had a weird way of inflecting her narration. Her narration was extremely precise and as such there was a distinct end at the end of each sentence that felt too much like she was reading. There were several times throughout the audiobook where it was so bad that it distracted me from the story...not good. 

So, not the most gushing review I've ever written, but don't misread me...I did enjoy the book and am fully looking forward to the final book in the series.

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