Thursday, March 22, 2018

Life, Love, and Geekery by Monica Corwin

Title: Life, Love and Geekery
Author: Monica Corwin
My Rating: A-

Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Main Characters: Ridley and John
Release Date: February 2018
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
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Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:
Ridley Richards planned her vacation with little fanfare. All she wants to do is watch TV and eat ice cream. The mission derails when a soldier in need of rescuing turns into a mad race away from paparazzi with an international movie star.

John Banks needs a vacation. Holed up in a small town with a gorgeous woman is not the worst way he has spent time off.

But the pressures of fame threaten his new friendship, and John sacrifices the fragile vulnerability Ridley allowed herself with him in order to save her.

My Review:
I have to admit that I was really pleasantly surprised by just how much I enjoyed this book. It truly only takes place over a couple of days and is a fairly short story, but it's really well-done. Both the story and the characters are fully flushed out so that the book feels like it is much longer than it really is. 

This story is about two people on the surface who should have nothing in common. Ridley is a Captain in the Army. John is a movie star. But the two manage to run into each other when he's running from paparazzi and she saves him. The chance meeting just happens to hit when the two of them are both on a break from their jobs so it allows them to hole up for a couple of days and get to know one another. 

Who would have guessed that they'd be bound by their common geekery. Seriously, this is a sweet little romance. And yes, it's short, but the romance never feels rushed because the two definitely make a connection. 

Of course, with any good story, I wish it had been longer, but as it stands it truly gave me a couple of hours of fantastic reading and a happily for now that left me with a smile on my face. 

This is my first time reading this author. I'm off to search now to see what else she might have in her backlist that I need to read.

I can definitely recommend this one!

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