Monday, January 22, 2018

The Art of Breathing by TJ Klune

Title: The Art of Breathing
Author: TJ Klune
My Rating: A

Genre: Contemporary Romance (m/m)
Series: Bear, Otter and the Kid #3
Main Characters: Ty and Dom
Release Date: June 2014
Publisher: Dreamspinner
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Tyson Thompson graduated high school at sixteen and left the town of Seafare, Oregon, bound for what he assumed would be bigger and better things. He soon found out the real world has teeth, and he returns to the coast with four years of failure, addiction, and a diagnosis of panic disorder trailing behind him. His brother, Bear, and his brother's husband, Otter, believe coming home is exactly what Tyson needs to find himself again. Surrounded by family in the Green Monstrosity, Tyson attempts to put the pieces of his broken life back together.

But shortly after he arrives home, Tyson comes face to face with inevitability in the form of his childhood friend and first love, Dominic Miller, who he hasn't seen since the day he left Seafare. As their paths cross, old wounds reopen, new secrets are revealed, and Tyson discovers there is more to his own story than he was told all those years ago.

In a sea of familiar faces, new friends, and the memories of a mother's devastating choice, Tyson will learn that in order to have any hope for a future, he must fight the ghosts of his past.
My Review:
This story was different just because this story is told from Ty, the Kid's, point of view. Not that that's a bad thing. It totally wasn't. I actually liked the change.

So, this story is about Ty. We've known him since his mother abandoned him when he was six years old, although the majority of Ty and Bear's story before this book takes place when he's nine. So, to see him as an adult (he's 19 in this book) was a change...again, not a bad thing. 

The thing is, Ty has always been brilliant and headed for a great future. But what his mother put him and Bear through has had it's effects...and all those come out in his story. It's not an easy story, especially after having watched him grow up. In this story, Ty is lost and it's heartbreaking to watch especially at first. Of course, his entire 'family' is still trying to support him, but much like his big brother, Bear, Ty has a really hard time letting others in to help. 

But in the midst of all the trauma and drama there were still so many laugh out loud moments. So many of them happened because of Ty realizing just how much like Bear he is...much to his chagrin.

And can I just say...having read the At First Sight series, seeing Sandy and Corey/Kori and that entire crew in this series made me so completely happy. I love it when authors do's like a little gift in a book!

I loved this story so, so much. Ty's romance is incredible. I loved that Dom made him work for it. These two most definitely don't have any easy go of it despite being inseparable as kids. They have to go through some growing pains first, but the wait for them to get their act together was so worth it. I LOVE THEM...and omg, Ben and Stacey's addition in this story...just perfection!!

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