Saturday, December 30, 2017

The Learning Hours: How to Date a Douchebag #3 by Sara Ney (audiobook)

Title:  The Learning Hours
Author: Sara Ney
My Rating: A
Narrator: Josh Goodman and Muffy Newtown

Genre: New Adult Romance
Series: How to Date a Douchebag #3
Main Characters: Rhett and Laurel
Release Date: September 2017 (audiobook)
Publisher: Audible
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
He's not a douchebag; but that doesn't stop his friends from turning him into one.


So much so that they plastered my ugly mug all over campus, in bold printed letters:

Are you the lucky lady who's going to break our roommate's cherry?
Him: socially awkward man with average-sized penis looking for willing sexual partner. You: must have a pulse. He will reciprakate with oral. Text him at: 555-254-5551

The morons can't even spell. And the texts I've been receiving are what wet dreams are made of. But I'm not like these douchebags, no matter how hard they try to turn me into one.


One text stands out from hundreds. One number I can't bring myself to block. She seems different. Hotter, even in black and white.

However, after seeing her in person, I know she's not the girl for me. But my friends won't let up--they just don't get it. Douchebags or not, there's one thing they'll never understand: GIRLS DON'T WANT ME. 

Especially her. 
My Review:
Overall: 4.5
Performance: 4.5
Story: 4.75

I loved this installment of the douchebag series. I especially love that the hero isn't a douchebag, although there were a few moments when the heroine was. But I think what really made this story for me was just how unlikely a couple these two are. 

Rhett is new to this school and regretting his choice to transfer from Louisiana. Although he's an incredible wrestler, he's getting mercilessly hazed by the rest of the team. heart broke for the crap this guy had to deal with over and over again. He handles it better than most people would, but he's sad...and that's hard to read. But one of the hazing pranks goes over the top which should be unforgivable, but ultimately it brings Laurel into his realm, where she can see what an amazing guy he is...even if his exterior is a little more homely than she's normally drawn to. 

I loved how hard Laurel fell for Rhett when she fell, but heart hurt with just how little Rhett trusts that. She's gorgeous...all guys want to date her. So in his eyes, he simply can't see how she'd be interested in him, no matter how much she continually shows him that she is interested. 

This romance is a slow build, just because Rhett is so clueless. He has almost zero experience with women and he doesn't see the reality of the world and the women around him. 

I loved this story. There were so many truly sweet, romantic moments in it. It really did melt my heart. I loved Rhett and I think this is my favorite book in the series so far. And as always, these two narrators knocked it out of the ballpark with their narration. Even Rhett's southern accent was perfect, not too overdone like a lot of narrators do with a twang. LOVED IT!

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