Thursday, November 2, 2017

Risking It by Angela Quarles

Title: Risking It
Author: Angela Quarles
My Rating: A-

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Stolen Moments #2
Main Characters: Jane and Aiden
Release Date: November 2017
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
500-mile road trip! Mission? Get over the guy you kinda-sorta hooked up with. Problem? He's your new road-trip companion.

To Play…
So, yeah. Here’s me heading out on this stupid soul-searching road trip to get over The Turd, and here he is leaning against my car, all easy charm, batting his ridiculously long eyelashes, and asking for a ride. Explaining why he can't come along would be admitting my struggle to purge him from my thoughts. The universe is laughing at me. I can't fall for a short-term playboy. But tell that to my body, which up and goes hey there as soon as his pheromones get within sniffing distance.

Or Not to Play…
My reputation as a player isn’t just smoke and mirrors. I play the field. Constantly. No strings sex? Perfect. But ever since a certain shy book nerd slipped under my skin, I haven't wanted anyone but her. The kicker? She blew me off the next morning. Now that I'm stranded and she's my only ride, maybe I can find out why our awesome night together turned into her ghosting me.

My Review:
ROAD TRIP...gah, I do love this trope (are there even enough of them to be considered a trope? If not, we need to remedy that, because books like this are awesome...think When Harry Met Sally...)

So, anyway...this story. Jane and Aiden had a single night together that affected them both equally but for different reasons. As a result, they are both trying to get over the other one (there's a lot of assumptions and miscommunications from that night that have to be sorted). But somehow in a crazy set of circumstances, they end up on a road trip together...and discover that they really do like one another. That chemistry that first night didn't lie.

I really, really enjoyed this one. Those first few scenes in the book were epically funny and definitely set the feel for an enjoyable book. Both of these characters have deep emotional scars when it comes to relationships that aren't obvious when they first show up on the page. So it was fun to get to see those come to light and how they each worked through them. 

Personally, I adored Aiden...he so deserves an HEA and totally made the book, but I also really loved Jane. As a librarian who'd rather read for her vacation than do stuff, I could definitely relate to her. 

It was just a fun, entertaining book. I definitely recommend it. I'm thoroughly enjoying this series. 
I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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