Saturday, November 4, 2017

Chasing I Do by Marina Adair (audiobook)

Title:  Chasing I Do
Author: Marina Adair
My Rating: A
Narrator: Piper Goodeve

Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Series: The Eastons #1
Main Characters: Darcy and Gage
Release Date: September 2016 (audiobook)
Publisher: The Adair Group
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Darcy Kincaid might be a runaway bride, but she still believes in happily ever after, which is why she’s devoted to helping couples orchestrate their perfect I do. Even though her fiancée turned out to be unfaithful and a big disappointment, Darcy walked away from her wedding fully committed—to her unborn daughter. Now, a single mom, it’s up to Darcy to secure her daughter’s future, which is why she’s invested her life savings into renovating Belle Mont Manor, Portland’s oldest, and nearly forgotten, wedding venue. So when Wedding Magazine offers her the cover for their June issue, in exchange for planning the wedding of a high-profile couple, Darcy thanks her lucky stars. Until the star’s best man turns out to be her ex’s brother… 

The last time Gage Easton saw Darcy, she was sneaking out the back door of her own wedding—destroying his brother’s life. No way is he going to entrust the gorgeous jilter with his biggest client’s special day, no matter how much in love with her he secretly was. Determined to take his client’s wedding elsewhere, he confronts Darcy, only to meet a toddler with Darcy’s blonde curls and the Easton blue eyes that has him renegotiating—the wedding for a chance to know his niece. But when a fun day in the park leads to warm family dinners, Gage finds himself stuck between his loyalty to his brother—and the two women who have stolen his heart. 

My Review:
Overall: 4.5
Performance: 4.25
Story: 4.75

I was so pleasantly surprised by this book. I already knew that Marina Adair was a good writer. Her books are easy to read with great characters. But this audiobook was a shorter one, so I really expected it to be a little short on story for what I enjoy. I was so wrong. This book was full of depth for the characters and the backstory and loaded a great emotional punch. I loved listening to it!

My heart absolutely broke for Darcy especially and more and more of her story was revealed and it became obvious just how much she'd lost when Gage's brother betrayed her. But I also really loved that Gage and Darcy had been friends when she'd dated his brother, although he always felt more for her. 

This is a family of brothers (I love that) and I like how they all get together to talk through the family issues. They're really close and I do like that kind of dynamic in a book. 

Overall this was just a great audiobook. I'm just sad that none of the other books have come out since this book came out quite a bit ago(writing this as of August, 2017). I'm ready for more Eastons.

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