Monday, October 30, 2017

Off the Ice by Avon Gale and Piper Vaughn

Title: Off the Ice
Author: Avon Gale and Piper Vaughn
My Rating: A

Genre: Sports Romance (m/m)
Series: Hat Trick #1
Main Characters: Tristan and Sebastian
Release Date: October 2017
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Tristan Holt is nothing if not pragmatic. Despite a flourishing career as a defenseman for the Atlanta Venom, Tristan knows he can’t play hockey forever. One day he’ll retire—if an injury doesn’t force him to hang up his skates first. His backup plan? Finishing his business degree. But he doesn’t count on a very inappropriate attraction to his standoffish sociology professor, Sebastian Cruz.

Sebastian is on the bottom rung of the Sociology Department at Georgia State. He has his sights set on tenure, and he can’t afford to be distracted, especially not by a sexy student with a body straight out of Sebastian’s dreams. No matter how much Tristan tempts him, that’s one line Sebastian won’t cross. At least not until summer classes end. After that, everything is fair game.

But Sebastian lives loud and proud, and Tristan is terrified of being the first out player in the NHL. Neither of them can afford to risk their hearts when they can’t imagine a happily ever after. The problem is, unlike hockey, when it comes to love, there are no rules.

My Review:
Hands down...I'm a sucker for a sports book. Make it a hockey book and it's a pretty good bet that I'm going to love it. That was most definitely true for this book. OMG, I loved this one. But not only because it's a sports book, but it ticked several other things I really loved...a forbidden may/dec romance because the other hero is Tristan's college professor. Um...yes please!

So, this book...*happy sigh* 

Tristan is in the NHL. He's only 23, but he's a really smart guy. He realizes that playing a pro sport is a limited career. Therefore, he's still going to college on top of playing pro hockey so that he has something to fall back on.

Sebastian is Tristan's sociology professor (another confession...sociology was my FAVORITE non-degree class that I took in my entire 4 years of college, so I adored the tidbits that came out of this class and how it pertained to the story...LOVED!). Sebastian makes a lot of assumptions about the big jock that's in his class and I loved watching Tristan turn them all on his head. He may be a big jock, but he is not dumb. The first half of this book was so good just because of the interesting scenes set up in the class. 

Sebastian is known for being grumpy and gruff, but that doesn't stop Tristan from fantasizing about him, especially after he finds out that his professor is gay. Sebastian is definitely not one of those touchy feely prof's that everyone loves. In fact, it's quite the opposite and it's amazing that the two manage to make it to a relationship with how much conflict there was between them early on. 

But they still remain hot. That chemistry is sizzling and then the dynamic they develop once they become a couple is even hotter. I loved everything about this story. 

There's also a lot happening in the background. Tristan isn't out and he's a professional sports figure. That's not something to take lightly. He's also not out to his family. Sebastian is out and not going back in the closet for anyone, even though his family is not exactly supportive...something that doesn't exactly endear the idea of coming out in Tristan's world.

As the story develops there are a couple of characters revealed who might be good hero choices for upcoming books in this series. I, for one, can't wait for more. This series is off to a fantastic start!

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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