Friday, October 27, 2017

Hunted Soldier by Jamie Lynn Miller

Title: Hunted Soldier
Author: Jamie Lynn Miller
My Rating: A

Genre: Military Romance (m/m)
Series: Shadow Unit #3
Main Characters: Connor and Shawn
Release Date: May 2017
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
The hunters become the hunted when the past returns to haunt Sergeants Connor Finley and Shawn Weller with deadly vengeance. In the wake of the harrowing missions in India and Pakistan, Connor struggles to come to terms with causing the accidental death of a child, while Shawn tries to put Julian's betrayal behind him. Adding to the emotional fallout, new trials arise - the appearance of a young man from Connor's past turned stalker may have fatal consequences for him, while Shawn must confront his former heroin addiction and break free of the hold it still has on him. The challenges continue when a Shadow Unit undercover op in Bangladesh to shut down the pipeline of terrorists being smuggled into the UK draws Shawn and Connor into a web of lies and deceit from a man hell bent on exacting revenge on the two soldiers - demanding a life for a life. Will Connor and Shawn survive? Or will the jungle become their final resting place? Don't miss BROKEN SOLDIER and ROGUE SOLDIER, available now! 
My Review:
I've really, really liked this series and this book was right up there in the quality again. This series follows two MC's who are in a committed relationship. But they also work in highly dangerous dark missions that put them at risk. That's why it's so important that they work together. They can get through anything...together. 

And the mission in this book puts that to the extreme test. Lots of intense action and high drama suspense. I liked it...a lot. The guys are just as good and committed to one another as ever. I love watching the way the two of them play off one another. 

This is probably a series that you should read all the books in order...and I recommend all the books in the series. But a #1 is pretty harsh, but the payoff of the love between the two guys is worth it.

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