Thursday, October 26, 2017

How Much For the Whole Night by RJ Scott

Title: How Much For the Whole Night?
Author: RJ Scott
My Rating: A

Genre: Erotica (m/m)
Main Characters: Josh and Ethan
Release Date: January 2012
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Josh is mid divorce, fighting for custody of his son and escaping a marriage built on lies. In a bar the night before final hearings he meets a hooker with a body made of sin.

Just one night of being true to himself, one night of being held down and made to feel? Surely that isn’t too much to ask?

This was a free read and as such was not edited past a BETA and my own editing... 
My Quickie Review:
This is a super short little freebie...only 5000 words, but wow, it packs a lot of story. It is seriously hot with a couple of HUGE surprises. I loved it so, so much and plan on rereading it at least a few times. 

Now, I'm ready for RJ Scott to write a full-length follow-up. These guys deserve a full story. I loved them and their meet in this one! A great story and an amazing story to show just what you can do with just a few words. Seriously impressed!!!

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