Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Cover Up by L.A. Witt

Title: Cover Up
Author: L.A. Witt
My Rating: B+

Genre: Military Romance (m/m)
Series: Skin Deep #3
Main Characters: Nate and Lucas
Release Date: October 2016
Publisher: Swerve
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Sexual Intensity:  hot

Story Overview:
After ten years of blissful marriage, Navy Pilot Nate Chandler is divorcing his cheating husband. Single for the first time in years, Nate is numb to all emotion and kisses any chance of another relationship goodbye.
Not only is Nate struggling to get through this divorce, but his body is branded with a permanent reminder of his failed marriage: a matching tattoo with his ex. Searching for a place to cover up his old tattoo, Nate finds himself at the Skin Deep, Inc., where he meets the young and charming cover-up tattoo apprentice, Lucas Brandt.
From just flirty glances to steamy hot encounters, Nate and Lucas dive headfirst into a fling of hookups. But worried that he’ll forever be Nate’s “cover up” rebound relationship, Lucas fears that their love won’t be anything more than just skin deep. What was once just a casual attraction, Lucas now hopes to turn into a real relationship. But will he be able to convince the still tender-hearted Nate to fall in love again?
Third installment of L.A. Witt’s Skin Deep romance series, COVER UP is a story of passion, pleasure, and happily ever after.
My Review:
This series has been a good one and I enjoyed this book, too, although it had a slightly different feel to it because of Nate's conflict.

Nate was married for 10 years. He's now in the middle of a divorce...something that's going to take about a year. But the marriage is definitely over since he caught his husband cheating on him. He's been pretty much dead inside ever since it all fell apart, but that changes when he meets Lucas. 

Lucas is a tattoo artist who specializes in cover-ups. Nate is looking at covering the tattoo he got with his soon to be ex-husband. 

The guys have instant chemistry...something that they both feel. The sex is amazing and they really seem to have a good relationship, but they discover one another so soon after Nate's marriage dissolved that he never really dealt with his pain over that. It's an interesting dichotomy. Lucas is definitely his rebound relationship and he's burying all his pain and not facing up to it. And the thing is...even Lucas sees this, but things are so good between them, he doesn't want to face up to it. 

This goes on for most of the book, and as the reader, you could see that things were going to fall apart in a really epic way, no matter how good things seemed on the surface. It gave the entire book a different feel to it...not in a bad way...just different. 

Overall, I liked the book. I really loved the details about Lucas's internship and why he's stayed in that position although he's already an incredible tattoo artist. Everything about this book felt a little more real...and I liked it. Plus the two guys are incredibly hot together. 

I've liked and definitely recommend the entire series, although you can read any of the books just fine as stand-alones.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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