Tuesday, July 25, 2017

All Or Nothing At All by Jennifer Probst

Title: All Or Nothing At All 
Author: Jennifer Probst
My Rating: A

Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Series: Billionaire Builders #3
Main Characters: Tristan and Sydney
Release Date: July 2017
Publisher: Gallery
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Tristan Pierce left the family business to carve out a life of his own, but never forgot his passionate affair with the much younger, inexperienced Sydney Green, or the hurtful break-up that tore him apart. When he’s forced to return home and face his past, will he be able to carve out a future, or will lies ruin his second chance at love?

Sydney Green loved Tristan her entire life, but when he left, he took not only her heart, but her trust with him. Now that they’re together again, it’s time they both face the biggest secret of all….

My Review:
This was a book that I started reading and could not walk away from. It was so good, but I'm a sucker for a second chance at love story and this is a good one. 

Sidney and Tristan were romantically involved almost eight years before. But Tristan didn't want to stay in their hometown. Sidney didn't want to leave. They each were left with a broken heart. But Tristan didn't know all that Sidney did at the time. 

He was gone five years and the last two years, they've managed to almost completely avoid one another. But Sidney works for the company that Tristan runs with his brothers and she's demanding more responsibility since she's worked there longer than any of the three brothers. That's put them in very close proximity to one another whether they want to be or not. The thing is their chemistry is just as hot, if not hotter, than it ever was. 

There is a lot of high emotion to this book. The thing that caused their downfall before was Tristan's ability to withhold himself from Sidney. He still has that ability and it's really hurtful for their relationship. Honestly there was one point where I was so angry with him that I wanted her to be able to make him hurt. But luckily the author knew that, too, and she got him taken care of. 

I really did enjoy this book a lot. There's a lot of suspense to the romance just because it seems like their conflict is so insurmountable (mainly because Tristan is a stubborn sob...LOL...I did mention I had a few issues with him, right?). But I liked that because I never knew where the story might go and how the conflict would resolve. 

I definitely recommend this book and the entire series. I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the Pierce brothers. Every one of these books has been great.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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