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Free Baller by Rie Warren

Title: Free Baller 
Author: Rie Warren
My Rating: B

Genre: Erotic Sports Romance
Series: Bad Boy Ballers #2
Main Characters: Brook and Delaney
Release Date: May 2017
Links to Purchase:
Sexual Intensity: erotic

Story Overview:
Where the guys play hard, but the girls play dirty.

Brooklyn Holt, Carolina Crush’s top tight end, made a vow after his wife left him: never fall in love again. He doesn’t need a long-term lady. Hell no. He has the magic hands, the downfield rushes, the easy chicks by the dozens. And finally a team on a winning streak.

Being a free agent with the ladies is exactly what Brooks wants. Until Delaney Jones happens. The hot bitch with the serious attitude shows up with her own team in pretty much half the uniform he wears. Quarterback of the all-female Carolina Cougars, she’s sleek as a racehorse, mean on the field, and immune to all his moves. Every time she gives him no time just makes him hungrier for her.

Delaney Jones takes her work and her personal life seriously, and she’ll never be mistaken for a cheerleader, in spite of her athletic body. She’s never rah-rah’d with her pom-poms for any man—hunky, hot as hell tight end or otherwise.

Brooklyn Holt has swagger. He has strut. But Delaney isn’t about to be the free baller’s willing slut. Until she scratches the surface and discovers his wounds run as deep as hers and his heart is warmer than she’d ever thought. It’s just too bad the past won’t die. When the danger she’s run from for years catches up to her, she’s determined to keep Brooks out of the crossfire. Even if it means Game Over.

My Review:
I'll admit, I'm a huge sports romance fan so when I heard Rie Warren was tackling this trope, I squeed. She hasn't disappointed. Her Carolina Crush are a football team that you can get behind, from the huge Akona who's known for his huge heart as well as his huge size to the great backstory about the team owner. This is a team that only a year ago were the underdogs (in book #1) and now are making their play for the playoffs...led by Brooklyn Holt. 

But in a twist for a heroine, the other half of this story is ALSO a football player. Delaney is the QB for the Carolina Cougars, a women's pro team, that play mini-games during the halftime for the Crush. I love that Delaney was a jock in her own right. (I don't know how off I am, but I kept imagining her as Pink...tough and fit and fierce, but yet still gorgeous and feminine.)

I also loved that there was a bit of danger through a suspense story line happening in the background of the story, and YES...Delaney is one tough girl who doesn't need a man to protect her. The thing about that is that Brooks is a natural alpha...his default mode is protection, but for the most part he allows Delaney to be who she is, too. I kind of loved that. He respects her boundaries. No, he's not happy about keeping his mouth shut sometimes, but he respects her emotions enough to let her work through things at her own pace.

Overall these baller books are fun reads. They're pure entertainment for entertainment's sake. I enjoyed this one, especially the way the suspense up'ed the "must read all the words now" factor. I liked both Delaney and Brooks and am falling in love with each and every member of the team. Even the guy who's a douche...I have a feeling Rie has big plans for him that will change my mind about how I feel about him.

Note: Rie Warren had a grittier style of writing that won't appeal to everyone. If you've never read her before, I urge you to take a look at the sample on Amazon just to make sure you can handle her style. I'll admit it always jolts me a bit when I first start reading, but once I settle into the rhythm of the book, it works, especially with the characters she writes and the venues where they work.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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