Monday, May 8, 2017

Faking It by Christine D'Abo

Title: Faking It
Author: Christine D'Abo
My Rating: A

Genre: Contemporary Romance (m/m)
Series: Ringside Romance #2
Main Characters: Max and Grady
Release Date: May 2017
Publisher:  Riptide Publishing
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Max Tremblay should be happy. His night club, Frantic, is one of the most popular gay clubs in Toronto, and his childhood refuge, Ringside Gym, is well on the way to reopening. But when he finds yet another drunk in the alley beside the bar, Max isn’t sure this is the life he truly wants.

Grady Barnes has it all. He’s rich, famous, and wants for nothing. Well, nothing but a good relationship with his father. When he discovers that his father is going to force him into an arranged marriage, Grady has had enough. He tracks down Max, the man who got him to safety after a night of overindulgence, and makes him a proposal: pretend to be his fiancé for two weeks and he’ll invest in Ringside Gym.

When the pair travel to Vancouver to attend a family wedding, the flames of their mutual attraction ignite, and they discover that the only difference between pretend and reality is how well they can fake it.

My Review:
The first book in this series was phenomenal. This one was just as good, if not better. I officially adore this series.

This book was about Max. He's the silent partner in the gym, and he also owns a gay bar called Frantic. The story begins at the end of the night at his club when he finds a drunk out back puking his guts up. That's the other hero, Grady. This isn't your typical meet-cute...LOL. Max gets Grady back to his hotel and figures he'll never see him again. But then everything changes for Grady the next day, and all he can think of is the guy who took care of him without taking advantage in any way. Maybe Max is just that nice of a guy (something completely foreign in Grady's normal world) and might help Grady out with the situation with his father. 

The is a fake-romance of my favorites. Grady's father has decided to use his son to make a business deal. He'll betroth him to his partners son and make all those business allegiances even stronger. Grady plans to thwart him by arriving home with a fiance already on hand...Max. 

These two guys are strangers. The only thing they have going for them is incredible chemistry and the fact that they truly like one another...that's enough though. I liked this one. Both guys have had a hard time with their relationship with their fathers. Grady should be unlikeable just because he's twenty-eight years old and never taken any responsibility for himself. But then the reasons for all that begin to come out and I began to fall for him. It also helps that he's very aware of his shortcomings, almost to the point of really not liking himself. I loved that Max saw so much more in him and the possibilities for Grady's life. 

This is a book about hope...when Grady doesn't have a lot of it in his life. I loved the way the story and romance flowed and loved watching these guys fall in love. This series is fantastic and cannot wait for more to come...

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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