Monday, May 15, 2017

Dark Water by K.L. White

Title: Dark Water 
Author: K.L. White
My Rating: A

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Main Characters: Rez and Benjamin
Release Date: May 2017
Publisher:  Carina Press
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Debut author K.L. White takes readers into the watery depths of the Celtic Otherworld in this male/male paranormal romance.

The magnificent Kelpies who haunt the waters, shape-shifting from horse to human, are disappearing into legend. Their numbers are dwindling, and they must take a human sacrifice twice a year to survive. So when Rez, a Kelpie stallion and former navy officer, spots a desperate man about to offer himself to the waves, Rez marks him for sacrifice. 

The most talented diver the navy had ever seen, Benjamin D'Arcy has always lived on the edge of death; he's a crazy kind of brave. But now he's blind and broken, his last sight that of his best friend, Rez, blown apart by shrapnel. All Benjamin wants is to join him in death. 

Too late, Rez discovers that the man he so hastily marked is Benjamin—the man he loves, the man he's crossed oceans to find. Overwhelming joy is tempered by the knowledge that their reunion must be short—the mark of sacrifice has set Benjamin's path. Facing a near-impossible obstacle, Rez must find a way to overcome the mark's power and prove to Benjamin that theirs is a love worth fighting—and living—for. 

This book is approximately 28,000 words.

My Review: 
ooh, this one was great. I love a tough, vulnerable military hero and this one featured two of them. 

In this book, Benjamin is suicidal. He's lost everything...he lost his sight and the last thing he ever saw was his best friend, Rez, dying. His father is senile and hospitalized and Benjamin is virtually alone...dealing with this new horrible disability and PTSD with no one to help support him. He can't envision a future where he wants to live so he decides to end it all...the same place he lost it the ocean.

The only reason Rez survived is because he's supernatural. He's a kelpie...part sea horse, part man. His magic saved him from his mortal wounds, and it's just been his own healing and his responsibilities to his people that have kept him from going to Benjamin. He also has no idea the extent of Benjamin's injuries. Part of being a kelpie is that twice a year they have to sacrifice a human. Usually they can do this through humans who are suicidal. It's an exchange that works for both of them. So when he sees a human man committing to his death in the ocean, Rez doesn't realize it's Benjamin until he's already been irreversibly marked as the sacrifice. Rez has two days to figure something else out.

This book is painful just in that Benjamin is so depressed and overwhelmed by his new world. Also, he's so relieved to find Rez and sensory deprived (at least that's what he thinks) he has unprecedented reactions to Rez's close proximity. Benjamin has never shown an inkling of being gay before. As far as Rez, his people are sexually fluid although he never told Benjamin that before. 

The story is incredibly sexy even with all the emotional trauma. I've never in my life read a story featuring kelpies before and I loved getting to read more about these mythical creatures. I totally loved the story. Both of these guys were SEALS and went through battle together. They're already closer than most lovers are so the gay for you flavor of the story really worked for me. I like it...a lot.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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