Friday, May 26, 2017

Cover Reveal: Deliciously Bitter by KB Jacobs

Blurb for Deliciously Bitter

Can her love erase his scars?

Three years ago, my perfect life ended. I got trapped inside a burning Army MRAP and watched my friends die. I was the only one to survive, if you can call this survival. 

Now I’m the beast of nightmares. Horrific scars mean I don’t leave my house...ever. 

But my best friend made sure I continued to live when all I wanted was to give up. I owe him everything, and now he needs me for two weeks. 

Two weeks with strangers who I’ll never have to see again. I can do this. I can ignore the stares and revulsion.

But what I can’t ignore is the stunning beauty next door who sees past my scars. 

She’s Hollywood royalty. I’m a recluse, a hermit. Her life is glamour and paparazzi. My life is NOT. No matter how much I want her, I’m no good for her. 

Beauty and the beast was a romantic fairy tale, but this is real life and she deserves better...

Not only is this the cover reveal for the final book in the series (which is so good), but they also redesigned the whole series of covers. YUM!

Hmm, I'm suddenly feeling the need for an ice cold Naked Brew...

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