Monday, April 17, 2017

Emergency Attraction by Samanthe Beck

Title: Emergency Attraction
Author: Samanthe Beck
My Rating: A-

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Love Emergency #3
Main Characters: Shane and Sinclair
Release Date: April 2017
Publisher:  Entangled Publishing
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Ten years ago when Shane Maguire chose the Marines as his escape from some trouble of his own making, he only regretted one thing—leaving Sinclair Smith behind. Despite his best intentions, she ended up as the one that got away. Now he’s back, determined to reclaim everything he gave up, including Sinclair.

Sinclair is immune to Shane’s charms. She’s immune to stolen kisses behind the gym. And she’s definitely immune to that maneuver he did in the back seat of his car… Okay, maybe her hormones are susceptible, but she has absolutely no desire to risk anything on the bad boy who broke all his promises.

When a little emergency lands her at his mercy, he offers her a deal she can’t refuse. And this time, she’ll show Shane what it means to be left wanting…

My Review:
Ah, one of my favorite tropes...second chance at love. I really enjoyed this one. 

Sinclair haven't seen one another in ten years, not since Sinclair was 16 and Shane was 18 and on his way to Marine boot camp. They'd made promises to one another, promises that fell apart while he was out of touch during boot camp. Neither one knows the full story of what happened back then, but there's no denying that their chemistry is just as hot and explosive as ever. 

But now they're in a very different place individually, too. Shane is the VP of a company that weighs emergency management and is in town to help out on a development project...a project which could impact Sinclair's home, an old barn that she's slowly been rebuilding. She also owns her own jewelry company and designs all the pieces. It was all really, really good, but the driving force behind the story is most definitely Shane and Sinclair. I like that they've changed and matured, but still have that thread of connection that hasn't weakened at all. 

I liked their little tours and the way they each used that venue to tie them back to the past and the future. They have such history, it was fun to see all those little elements play into their present possibilities. But it isn't just the two main characters. Their family and friends come into play to a large part of the story. I loved that especially the scenes with Sinclair's father. As a parent, his frustration about not being able to protect Sinclair touched me a lot. I loved those tiny little elements that were really sprinkled throughout the story making it so much more. 

Overall this was another great installment to this fantastic series. All the books can easily been read as stand alones.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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