Saturday, April 1, 2017

Biting Bad by Chloe Neill

Title:  Biting Bad
Author: Chloe Neill
My Rating: B+
Narrator: Sophie Eastlake

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Series: Chicagoland Vampires #8
Main Characters: Merit and Ethan
Release Date: August 2013 (audiobook)
Publisher: Tantor Audio
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Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:
Merit has been a vampire for only a short while, but she's already seen a lifetime's worth of trouble. She and her Master, centuries-old Ethan Sullivan, have risked their lives time and again to save the city they love. But not all of Chicago is loving them back.

Anti-vampire riots are erupting all over town, striking vampires where it hurts the most. A splinter group armed with Molotov cocktails and deep-seated hate is intent on clearing the fanged from the Windy City come hell or high water.

Merit and her allies rush to figure out who's behind the attacks, who will be targeted next, and whether there's any way to stop the wanton destruction. The battle for Chicago is just beginning, and Merit is running out of time.
My Review:
Overall: 4.0
Performance: 4.5

Story: 3.5

In this installment of the Chicagoland Vampires, it's Valentines Day, but rather than getting to enjoy a romantic night with her love, Merit is tracking down malcontents...groups of humans rioting around the city against vampires. Of course that's not all there is to the story...there's also Malory who is trying to figure out where she goes next as a witch who still doesn't trust her magic. There's Jonah, who's dating. There's the new part of the city government, McKittrick, which no one trusts. Oh, and there's another of the city's vampire house's who have to move into Cadigan house temporarily. It's normal vampire chaos...something Merit should be used to at this point.

But this world was thrust upon her, and she still has moments where she misses the days when she was simply a normal college student...not fighting for her life and her house and her love. The last ten months have given her quite a dramatic change to her life.

I continue to enjoy the series. I have to admit, I'm so glad I took a break from it for a while. Because before I was about ready to give it up entirely. Now it feels fresh and I'm enjoying listening to the books so much more. I already have #9 loaded into my iPod. I can't wait to start it tomorrow. 

And I do recommend these on audio. The narrator is brilliant and I love her many, many, many voices. This is a diverse cast of characters and Sophie Eastlake does a brilliant job with all of them. I love her narration. 

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