Tuesday, April 4, 2017

All You Need by Lorelei James

Title: All You Need
Author: Lorelei James
My Rating: A

Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Series: Need You #4
Main Characters: Annika and Axl
Release Date: April 2017
Publisher:  Berkley
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
A hockey romance burns up the ice in the third sexy Need You novel from the New York Times bestselling author of the Mastered Series and the Blacktop Cowboys® Series.

PR agent Annika Lund can spin any disaster into a win. But revamping the reputation of a notorious Swedish hockey player will take every trick in her arsenal, especially when his agent insists that convincing everyone he’s no longer a playboy is top priority. And that it requires a sham relationship—with Annika playing the part of loving girlfriend.

On fire in the rink and in the bedroom, Axl Hammerquist couldn’t care less about being anyone’s golden boy. So when his agent forces him to play nice with a new publicist, he takes satisfaction in being as much of a pain as possible. But the more time he spends getting to know Annika, the more Axl starts to think that being Mr. Nice Guy might be worth it if it gets him the girl...

My Review:

Ooh, I loved this book so much. This has definitely ranked up there with my favorites by Lorelei James. I loved getting to read Annika and Axl's somewhat convoluted story. (Note...the convoluted part has nothing to do with the writing...they just have a complex set-up because of their entire arrangement...at first, it's all about PR and doing favors for various members of the Lund family, but then things evolve...as they are prone to do in romance.)

Annika is in charge of PR for Lund Industries. She knows the power of PR, so it's somewhat ironic that she ends up in this situation...faking a relationship for the publicity of it, but that's a testament to how powerful the bond is between the Lund family. They will literally do almost anything to help one of their family members out, and this "job" will help out a couple of different situations for the Lunds. But it's really something that her mother got her into. 

Axl has gotten himself into somewhat of a mess. He's a pro NHL d-man, and he's spent his career putting on a false front of not really caring about anything. That's now caught up with him and his agent is putting the screws to him to fix his reputation. That's where Annika comes in. She's rich, well-known, knows the power of the press, and is a reputable ice-queen that won't put up with much in the way of shenanigans. What the agent didn't count on though was the very real, very explosive chemistry between the two. 

I loved the way that the relationship developed between the two. Neither one of them trusts easily, and they have a very antagonistic relationship because of that. But they slowly come to respect the other and realize just what the other stands for and offers. This is truly a relationship that develops because of true depth in personality rather than sex...although that is really very hot between them, too.

Everything about this story worked for me. I loved all the side stories that also played out...the guys in Axl's condo complex. The story about Jensen, Annika's brother....I can't wait to delve deeper with his upcoming book. The story was seriously hot and sexy, but more than that...it made me smile. The two would have a serious HOT scene and then there'd be a quip at the end that would simply make me giggle. I loved that so much. 

Flat out, I loved this book. I honestly wished I had the time right now to pick it back up and reread it all again...a true testament of an amazing read. I definitely recommend it!

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