Saturday, February 11, 2017

Tied Up in Knots by Mary Calmes (audiobook)

Title:  Tied Up in Knots
Author: Mary Calmes
My Rating: A
Narrator: Tristan James

Genre: Romantic Suspense/Military Romance (m/m) 
Series: Marshals #3
Main Characters: Miro and Ian
Release Date: January 2017 (audiobook)
Publisher: Dreamspinner
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Miro Jones is living the life: he’s got his exciting, fulfilling job as a US deputy marshal, his gorgeous Greystone in suburban Chicago, his beloved adopted family, and most importantly, the man who captured his heart, Ian Doyle. Problem is, Ian isn’t just his partner at work—Ian’s a soldier through and through. That commitment takes him away from Miro, unexpectedly and often, and it’s casting a shadow over what could be everything Miro could ever dream of.

Work isn’t the same without Ian. Home isn’t the same, either, and Miro’s having to face his fears alone… how to keep it together at the office, how to survive looming threats from the past, and worst of all, how to keep living without Ian’s rock-solid presence at his side. His life is tied up in knots, but what if unknotting them requires something more permanent? What would that mean for him and Ian? Miro’s stuck between two bad choices, and sometimes the only way to get out of the knot is to hold tight to your lifeline and pull.

My Review:
Overall: 4.5
Performance: 4.25
Story: 4.5

Wow...I did not see all the twists and turns coming in this book. There is a TON happening in this story...and overall none of it is very good for Miro and Ian. When the book starts out Ian is once again on a deployment for his Green Beret Reservist service. And Miro is dealing with all the crap at home...alone...again. It's obvious that throughout this book, Miro is getting tired of playing second string to the military. The guys aren't happy with one another. Ian can't quit being a Green Beret and Miro doesn't understand why he's not enough. It's not like their jobs as US Marshals are calm and quiet. 

So this book has a lot of it with Ian gone and things going really bad for Miro at home. He doesn't sleep or take care of himself with Ian's gone, but add in all the events in this book...and yeah, Miro is not in a good place. 

The story is told entirely from Miro's point of view, and gah...this guy needs a break. But he just keeps pushing through, being there for everyone else....including Ian until there's an event that just pushes him over the edge. I wanted to cry for him when everything just kind of hits him at once. 

I love these two guys so, so much. This is easily one of my favorite series out there. This book had a slightly different feel to it though. The guys are getting more settled into their relationship...and things are not all sexy and happy times. I read that Mary Calmes plans to write a 4th book, so it will be interesting to see where she takes them from here. This book was nonstop action and I didn't want to stop listening...not for anything. I love these books in audio. When the series is done though, I need to go back and sit down and read my print versions of the books (because yes, they're all on my keeper shelf). 

For sure, this is a series worth rereading over and over again.

Note: This book feels like it was setting up something huge in the next book. I'm not sure if that's right or not, but I can't wait to see where Miro and Ian go from here. I love these two guys.

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