Monday, February 20, 2017

The Do-Gooder by Jessie L. Star

Title: The Do-Gooder
Author: Jessie L. Star
My Rating: A+

Genre: New Adult Romance  
Main Characters:  Lara and Fletch
Release Date: February 2017
Publisher:  Pocket Star
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
A college girl tries to make up for her bad karma by doing one good deed for anyone willing to ask—a witty, sweet romance perfect for fans of Christina Lauren and Abbi Glines.

Lara Montgomery is no good. Having been scorned by her classmates since high school, she’s used to it. From where she’s sitting, the one with more notches on the bedpost has more fun anyway. At least, that’s what she tells herself.

Really, a small part of her hopes that her massive amounts of bad karma can be neutralized by wearing her Do-Gooder hat—that thing she does where she’ll complete one good deed for anyone who asks. And she does an amazing job at it, if she does say so herself. Still, there’s one thing she knows she can’t make better, no matter how many problems she solves for other people: on the night her brother died, she was off hooking up with his not-so-single best friend, Fletch.

It’s been three years since that night, and Fletch just wants her to let it go. To him, her persistence with the good deeds only serves to remind everyone in their small university town about what they did. As it is, they can’t help but get into a heated argument every time they run into each other on campus. And yet, neither of them can seem to stop that pesky electricity that runs between them whenever they get too close…. 
My Review:
I had no idea what to expect going into this book. I've never read this author, or even heard of her before, but I the publisher contacted me and I liked the sound of the synopsis, so I warily agreed to try it. OMG! You all...this book was so freaking good. I am completely blown away. The story is fantastic and the emotion to the two main characters...the author does an amazing job showing all those little nuances and tells that make a story so deep and so good. Wow. This book was just phenomenal. 

Fletch and Lara have known one another for practically their entire life. He was always her brother's best friend. She was always infatuated with him. But they also had their own friendship of sorts...until they took it a step too far...on a night that was filled with mistakes. Ever since then, Lara has been punishing herself by making reparations to anyone she can. Everyone on campus knows that if you need help...Lara is the person to ask. She literally keeps a binder to organize and sort all her "good deeds". But Fletch hates that. Every time one of her good deeds comes up, it just reminds him of that awful, horrible night when everything blew up. And that night was three years ago. Three years of horrible, pent up frustrations. Three years of impossible sexual chemistry. Three years the two of them have spent sniping at one enemies in every possible way. There's a fine line...

Gah. There are two words that can define this book...sexual chemistry. Fletch and Lara have it in spades. But there is so much antagonism and hurt between them, there is no way they can ever go back there again. Everything between them broke that night and there's no way to repair it. The aftermath has been too long and painful. 

This is a story filled with angst. I can't tell you how many times I read the scenes with tears flowing down my face, but that makes it so, so good. I loved both Lara and Fletch. It takes a while for the whole story to come out and when it does...and exactly why Lara is so messed up's really just heartbreaking. She is broken, but he is, too. That's why they're so perfect together. I honestly don't think anyone else could understand the depths of what they've gone through other than the two of them.

It was just such a good, good read. And there were some phenomenal supporting characters, too. Overall, there was just nothing bad I can say about this one. I loved it and HIGHLY recommend it.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review, but upon finishing it, immediately bought myself my own copy. I just wish the book was available in print so I could put it on my bookshelf. 

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