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The Bastard Billionaire by Jessica Lemmon

Title: The Bastard Billionaire
Author: Jessica Lemmon
My Rating: B+

Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Series: Billionaire Bad Boys #3
Main Characters: Eli and Isabella
Release Date: February 2017
Publisher:  Forever
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:

Beauty and the Beastly Billionaire . . . 
Eli Crane is one tough bastard. After an explosion left him injured and honorably discharged from the Marines, all he wants is to be left alone. Yet his brothers insist he take a greater role in the family business. They've hired him ten personal assistants-and Eli sent each one packing as fast as possible. But when beautiful number eleven walks through the door, Eli will do anything to make her stay.

Isabella Sawyer's employment agency can't afford to lose Eli Crane's business. Her plan: to personally take on the role of his PA, and secure her reputation with the wealthy elite in Chicago. But this beauty and her hot billionaire bad boy soon find themselves mixing business with pleasure in the most delicious ways. And passionate, stubborn Isabella won't rest until she tames this wicked beast . . . 

My  Review:
Yay...I've been looking forward to Eli's book and it did not disappoint. I loved him as a character, but my favorite aspect of the story was the whole setup of how Isa ended up working for Eli. 

Reese (Eli's older brother) has hired personal assistants to help ease Eli into the job of becoming the COO of Crane Hotels...something he doesn't want, so he drives each of them off, one by one. All those personal assistants are employed by Isa and she's out of employees to throw at Eli. BUT she's not willing to give up on him, so she goes in herself to do the job and she's not going to let him run her off. I loved that about her. Isa is confident and stubborn and amazingly good at her job. Slowly, she gets Eli to agree that he needs her and then things become more. 

Eli is learning who he is again after being injured as a soldier. Two men...his friends...died. He lost half his leg. That all changed him. He isn't the same man he was before, but he doesn't know who he is now. He went to war, came back a different man, and home to changed circumstances. He's still reeling. It's only through the love of his family that he hasn't become a completely reclusive hermit. That's what he wanted to do, but they wouldn't let him. 

Isa is perfect for him. He's stubborn, but so is she...even more so. It helps that he really does want better. He just doesn't know it yet. I liked that as he's finding himself, she's also helping him rediscover his sexuality. That's something that was lost with the loss of his leg. He's never been brave enough to go there again. There are some seriously sexy scenes where Isa won't let him hide from her. I love that she made him face up to showing her his injury. That's where that stubbornness works so well for both of them.

In the background is the business of Isa's pa company, as well as the Crane Hotels and Eli's new charity work. I loved all that. It provided a great backdrop. And we can't talk backdrop without at least mentioning Eli's warehouse home. OMG...want...so much. I loved the visuals from there.

I definitely recommend this and the entire series. Jessica Lemmon writes some great billionaire heroes...I'm pretty positive you're going to fall in love with all of them. Although Eli is amazing, I'm pretty sure that Isa took my heart in this book. She's definitely a new favorite heroine...strong, courageous, stubborn women...I love them as a complement to a sexy, growly, alpha male.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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