Saturday, February 18, 2017

Hard Edit by Andrea Smith and Eva Lenoir (audiobook)

Title:  Hard Edit 
Author: Andrea Smith and Eva Lenoir
My Rating: A
Narrator: Joel Leslie

Genre: Contemporary Romance (m/m)
Series: Black Balled #2
Main Characters: Troy and Larson
Release Date: January 2017 (audiobook)
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
It's all fun and games until egos get hurt. 

After a year of a seemingly happily-ever-after, Troy Babilonia throws a curve ball that smacks Larson Blackburn right in the head. When Troy's debut novel, "Bridge to Lonely," threatens to overshadow Larson's own success, inviting a past shadow into the light of their present, the two alphas must learn to adjust. 

"Bridge to Lonely" has garnered an unexpected success both in the literary world and in the film industry, forcing Larson to accept that he is not the only successful author in the building. But as Troy's old flame decides to make an appearance, the two alphas are forced to test the strength of their love. Let the battle of the egos recommence; where sarcasm is the preferred weapon, and the testosterone levels go beyond the boiling point. 

Because Black Balled just wasn't enough...Smith & LeNoir bring you Hard Edit. 

Adult Content
My Review:
Overall: 4.5
Performance: 4.25
Story: 4.5

I had no idea there was a second book to this series until I went to write my review for the first. Of course, I immediately scrambled to buy it and was so excited to find it was also already out in audio. And...yay, I think I enjoyed this story even more than I enjoyed the first (although that first one was really good too). So, that's good news for you because this is not a stand-alone story. To get the true effect and understand these characters, you NEED to read both books...and I highly recommend them in audio. 

You should note...these characters in the first story were cocky and belligerent and narcissistic. Those personalities haven't been changed by love. LOL. These guys are both still jerks at their heart...the difference now is that they've softened...a little bit. They are absolutely madly in love and despite everything going on...including the fact that they really strongly disagree a lot of the time...their love is central in this book. Every time they fought and had harsh moments between them, I aww'ed because then they would turn around and confess their emotions. I loved that so much. It was that love and devotion that overrode everything else that made this story so good. 

These two are NOT your typical heroes. In fact, they're thoroughly unlikable characters, but that's what makes their romance so good...because through it all, you can't help falling in love with them and cheering them along the way. 

Huge kudos to the two authors for making that work. Wow, that some serious writing skill. 

So, again, I highly recommend this story, especially if you've read the first book. You NEED to grab this one immediately. It's not your normal romantic story, but I loved it for that and these unlikely, but still lovable characters.

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