Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Daily Grind by Anna Zabo

Title: Daily Grind
Author: Anna Zabo
My Rating: A

Genre: Contemporary Romance (m/m)
Series: Takeover #4
Main Characters: Brian and Rob
Release Date: February 2017
Publisher:  Intermix
Links to Purchase:
Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
A man discovers that love can show up when you least expect it—and in a much different form—in this piping-hot romance from the author of Due Diligence and Just Business.

Brian Keppler, owner of Ground N'At, the coffee shop beneath SR Anderson Consulting, doesn't have time for a relationship. His most recent girlfriend broke up with him because he'd become married to his shop, which is falling apart without his favorite barista, Justin.

As he struggles to stay afloat, the arrival of handsome British high-tech whiz Robert Ancroft becomes another complication. Rob quickly becomes a fixture at the shop with his sharp wit and easy charm, and Brian soon finds himself looking forward more and more to Rob's visits—to the point where his heart skips a beat when he walks in.  

But will Brian be able to come to terms with his previously unexplored sexual identity and find happiness now that he has a chance?

My Review:
I've loved this whole series, and this installment was just as good as the others have been. Ground N'at has almost been its own character in this series...the coffee shop on the ground floor of Sam's building. But in this book, the coffee shop isn't quite the mecca of happiness it's been up until now. No, now the story is told from Brian's point of view. Brian owns Ground N'at and running it and making the coffee shop a priority is slowly killing him. Too many hours and not enough reliable help has Brian stretched to his limits. 

But in the midst of all the stress is Rob. Rob is CEO of a huge tech corp. He understands stress and being overworked. He's been there and it's only been through necessity that he's not there anymore. Rob is gay and completely attracted to Brian. 

For Brian, the relationship is a bit more complicated. While he's always known he's bisexual, he's never met a man worth breaking out of his heterosexual mold...until Rob. Like I said, Brian is fully aware that he's always been attracted to men, too, but he's never dated men or told anyone about that attraction. When he meets Rob, he's ready to explore their chemistry. I like that once Brian commits, he never really questions what he's doing. This isn't an experiment. He's all in. That full-out commitment even surprises Rob. I liked that it's not this huge thing. I also really LOVED Rob's family's reaction. OMG, I was so cracking up through all that...some of the funniest scenes in this book. 

Brian is under a ton of stress and NOT handling it well. That causes problems between him and Rob. While they are wonderful when everything is smooth, that isn't a reality of life. The thing is...Rob knows what's happening. He recognizes the signs, and still isn't able to save Brian from himself. Even Brian is aware of what is happening, but his first priority is to his business. He has to make the coffee shop survive and he gets caught in a downward spiral. The harder he tries, the more stressed he gets. The more stressed he gets, the worse the situation at the shop becomes. 

No spoilers, but I do love how it was all resolved. So perfectly executed, especially in lieu of the entire series. I enjoyed the book and loved getting to watch Rob and Brian find their HEA.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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