Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Catch and Release by Laura Drewry

Title: Catch and Release
Author: Laura Drewry
My Rating: A-

Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Series: Fishing for Trouble #3
Main Characters: Hope and Ronan
Release Date: February 2017
Publisher:  Loveswept
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
The irresistible O’Donnell brothers return in a charming novel from the bestselling author of Off the Hook (“The perfect balance of sweet, sexy, and wonderfully romantic.”—Lauren Layne).

Hope Seaver is an up-and-coming TV producer tackling the hardest gig of her career: a reality show set at the Buoys, a scenic fishing destination owned by three handsome, stubborn brothers. Liam and Finn O’Donnell are willing to tolerate her crew for the sake of the business, but Ronan would rather chew off a limb than open up on camera. Somehow Hope has to convince him of her good intentions—and stop herself from swooning every time Ronan walks into the frame.

Ronan knows that he’s the reason his brothers gave up their old lives to run the Buoys, and he needs to make it worth their while. So if this out-of-towner with the kind eyes and dazzling smile wants to give them the free publicity they desperately need, Ronan can’t say no. He just won’t let himself get burned again by a double-dealing woman. But what if Hope’s good-girl routine isn’t an act? When Ronan lets his guard down long enough to catch a glimpse of the real Hope, he likes what he sees—enough to give love another shot.

My Review:
I have to admit that I've enjoyed this entire series. In this book, the hero is Ronan the oldest brother and wow, there are some deep emotional hits for him in this book that made the story so deep and so emotional. I loved that. 

Ronan has a difficult time accepting the intrusion from the TV network, so it's perfectly fitting that his heroine works for the network. She's at the Buoys and is in charge of making sure that all the important stories are caught. Ronan is terrified that the network is going to exploit his family. 

Hope is awesome. She's an interesting character. She has a huge bag that she carries with her all the time...ready for any circumstance. When it came out exactly why she carries that bag, my heart broke. I just thought Ronan was the only one with a tragic backstory. I had no idea that Hope also had a heartbreaking story. She's so light and happy...I didn't see that coming. 

The bumbling chemistry between Hope and Ronan was awesome. They are both taken by surprise by their mutual attraction. It added a light-hearted feel to the story that wouldn't have been there otherwise. I loved that. And of course all of it takes place in the middle of siblings who know everything about Ronan and aren't afraid to give him a hard time about what's developing.

Ronan is an interesting guy. He has his dad's temper, but has worked so hard over the years to control it. He hates who his father became after his mother abandoned them, so he really works hard at that. But the flip side of that is how much he loves his brothers and has worked so hard over the years to make sure that they have everything they want out of life. That's a great relationship. 

There were a couple of surprises and twists to this story that I really didn't see coming. They definitely added depth to the heartbreaking aspect of the story and raised the story to a whole new level. I thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend the book. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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