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Worth the Fall by Claudia Connor (audiobook)

Title:  Worth the Fall
Author: Claudia Connor
My Rating: A
Narrator: Johanna Parker

Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Series: McKinney Brothers #1
Main Characters: Abby and Matt
Release Date: September 2014 (audiobook)
Publisher: Audible Audio
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Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:
The McKinney Brothers, Book 1

They meet on a beach. . . . Abby Davis isn’t wearing a skimpy bikini or sipping umbrella drinks, not when she’s busy chasing around four little ones. And Matt McKinney isn’t looking for fun—he’s a Navy SEAL, a grown man with a long list of missions . . . and fallen brothers.
They only have a week. . . . Abby has brought her children to this beach to start over, to give them the enjoyable memories they deserve. Matt’s been sidelined by a combat injury, and haunted by the best friend he lost and the promise he made: to remain a SEAL—focused and dedicated. This leaves no time for what he’s always wanted: a family.
But a week is all it takes. . . . Matt opens her heart while Abby soothes his soul. And though they plan to say good-bye when the week is over, something magical happens on that beach, something neither can forget. Something utterly, completely worth falling for.

My Review:
Overall: 4.5
Performance: 5.0
Story: 4.5

This was an absolutely wonderful book. Matt is a Navy SEAL on leave after a blow to the head. He's at the beach, playing wingman to his cousin when he meets Abby. He's immediately smitten and intrigued even though she has a wedding ring on (it's okay, he's not a creeper...her son had told him before that, that his daddy had died, so Matt was pretty sure she was a single mom)...pregnant and handling four kids for their beach vacation. He's in awe of her and wants to help...something that Abby doesn't deal well with. 

Abby has learned the hard way that she can't count on anyone but herself. By the age of five, both her parents were dead and she was thrown into a faulty foster system that let her down time and time again. Her husband died right as she found out she was pregnant for the fifth time, but he was never the type of husband she could count on. She's extremely independent because she had to be. Even those people who supposedly loved her constantly let her down so she doesn't trust...ever.

Abby's story broke my heart. At the beginning of the book, she seems like wondermom, doing it all, but as the story progresses, it's revealed about just how broken she really is. On the other side of that is Matt. He's a SEAL. His mission in life is to take care of people, but he lives in another state which makes it hard to prove to Abby and these kids that he's worthy of their trust.

There's a lot to this story and so much of it is just as heartbreaking as it is heartwarming. I wanted to snuggle Abby up and give her a family to take care of her, especially when everything plays out. *heartbreaking* 

It was just a fabulous book. I loved how when they meet Abby is six months pregnant, but Matt still sees her beauty and perfection when most guys would completely overlook her. I absolutely adored him for that. Matt isn't without flaws, but he's pretty much perfect for Abby and her family. He has tons of nieces and nephews so he's an old pro at relating to the kids and absolutely is fabulous with them. Everything about this book worked for me. I LOVED IT!

Johanna Parker is the PERFECT narrator for this book. I listened to her narrate another series (I had to go look it up because I couldn't place it, but I knew her voice...but it was another series that I loved her narration on) and she is literally perfection when it comes to a wide range of children's voices. Since Abby has four kids who are in most of the scenes in this book, the narration nailed it. 

So, yeah, if you have a choice and like audiobooks, I highly recommend listening to this one. 

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