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Giving It All by Christi Barth

Title: Giving It All
Author: Christi Barth
My Rating: A

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Naked Men #3
Main Characters: Logan and Brooke
Release Date: January 2017
Publisher:  Loveswept
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Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:
Christi Barth’s smoking-hot contemporary romance series continues as the five best friends who survived a tragedy as teenagers take to their Naked Men podcast to open up about women. In Giving It All, the group’s globe-trotting hunk discovers that you need to go home to find love.
Logan Marsh never stays in one place for long. Through his family’s foundation, Logan spends his days traveling to the world’s most dangerous places to deliver disaster relief, which really puts a damper on his sex life—until he reconnects with his high-school crush. Stranded together in the Caribbean, they enjoy a steamy fling that awakens feelings Logan has ignored for too long. But family drama calls him away from her sweet embrace . . . or so he thinks.
Brooke Gallagher loved being a home economics teacher and cheerleading coach. Then an unexpected tragedy forced her to take some time off. Now she’s back in D.C. and despite the intensity of her tropical encounter with Logan, she’s shocked to bump into him again. Logan’s dealing with his own issues (including a newly discovered half-sister) and he’s itching to get back on the road. More than anything, Brooke wants to be there for him. But first, he has to decide if love is enough to keep him in one place.

My Review: 
I have loved this series so much, but I had no idea just how good Logan's book was going to be. The Naked Men is a group of five guys who have been tied together since high school when their tour bus plunged off the side of an Italian mountain, leaving four of them wounded and stranded for three days. The fifth guy was Logan. He wasn't on that bus, because he'd been too busy getting laid, but he was the guy instrumental to saving the other four. It was his will that pushed the rescue crews on that final night when they would have given up. Logan pushed on...even after he broke his wrist and saved his friends. Something the doctors told him wouldn't have happened if they'd had to stay out there in the freezing cold elements for another night. 

Ever since that event, Logan has made it his life's work to save others. He works for his family's foundation and goes into disaster zones doing just that...saving lives. It's hard, gruesome, grueling work with long hours and even harder effects on his psyche, but it's his mission in life. He gives up the comforts of home, family and his friends to save others. He can't see any other way to live, even though his friends and family really wish he would try. They want him home...and honestly, he's gotten a little tired of missing out on all their life events, too. 

This time he's home for something different than just rest and recuperation. This time he's home because his long lost sister of 24 years just showed up, and before Logan even managed to meet her, his best friend and admitted man-whore, Knox, had swept her off his feet and into his bed. Logan is on his way to have a come-to-Jesus moment with his former best friend, but on the way there, he gets waylaid by a hurricane, and that's where he finds Brooke, the girl he crushed on all through high school. 

Brooke had a crush on Logan, too, but the timing was never right for the two of them and they were always just really good friends. Brooke has been dealing with something for the last few months and she's on vacation as a way to divert her attention from that trauma. A hot, just for a night or two affair with Logan seems like just the medicine to pull her out of her funk...and it works. 

It was just supposed to be a short-term affair, but these two were good friends for a long time in high school for a reason...they work really well together. When Logan gets home, he's dealing with a lot. With the tension between him and the guys over Knox's relationship with Logan's sister, it's easier for him to turn to Brooke for support...and yes, a diversion...than it is with the guys who've always been there for him. 

Like I said this book was awesome. I loved the relationship that developed between Brooke and Logan. I love friends to lovers stories and this is a good one because they're always honest with one another as only old friends can be. Logan was one of those characters that I just wanted to wrap into a big hug. The situation with his friends has seemed to leave him on the outskirts a bit. It's always been through his own choices, but there was a thread of loneliness that ran through his story that made me love him even more. 

Everything about this book was fantastic. I continue to love the ACS's and can't wait for the next story. Only two more to go. I'm going to be really sad when this series is over.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review. 

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