Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Jacked Up by Samantha Kane

Title: Jacked Up
Author: Samantha Kane
My Rating: A

Genre: Erotic Romance  (m/m/f)
Series: Birmingham Rebels #3
Main Characters:  Sam and King and Jane
Release Date: January 2017
Publisher:  Loveswept
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Sexual Intensity: erotic

Story Overview:
The secret about the Birmingham Rebels is out: With a girl in middle, two mouth-watering football studs are better than one.

Linebacker Sam Taylor feels like a ticking time bomb. He left the army with emotional wounds as fresh as the scars on his back. Sam’s been living like a monk, but his best friend, defensive lineman King Ulupoka, wants to get him laid. Easy for him to say. The larger-than-life Samoan is a hard-bodied, tribal-tattooed fantasy. Sam agrees, under one condition: King stays to watch.

ER nurse Jane Foster is done being a good girl, and nothing says wild like picking up two of football’s sexiest players and bringing them back to your hotel room. Trouble is, she can’t decide which one she wants more. Sam is hot, sweet, and vulnerable. Jane’s more than willing to ride him into oblivion. But King’s intense gaze from across the room promises that the best is yet to come.

Sure, King has had his choice of girls and guys in the past. That doesn’t mean he’ll jeopardize his relationship with Sam over a case of locker-room lust—until a naughty nurse pushes them both out of their comfort zones. Seeing Jane and Sam together turns King on more than he ever imagined. If they’re game, he’s ready to tackle a three-way play.

My Review:
This is absolutely the kinkiest pro football team around and I kind of love them for that. 

This story centers around King and Sam. King is this huge Samoan defensive lineman (I think that's his position) on the team. (From his description, I totally pictured him as Jason Momoa.) This guy is pure heart. Everyone on the team loves him...he's just one of those guys...looks fierce, but is actually a huge teddy bear. His best friend is Sam. Sam also plays defense although he's not near as jacked up as King. Sam was in the Army and was one of only two in his squad to survive an IED. That's left him a little messed up in the head and he hasn't been in the right place to have sex with a woman since. King thinks that Sam just needs to get laid and everything will smooth out in Sam's world, but Sam doesn't trust his PTSD and control when he's in the moment. So they come up with a plan. Sam will find a girl, and King will watch to make sure nothing goes bad. Simple, right? Not so much...

Jane is an ER nurse down for a quick vacation on the beach. She's having a good time when a douche gets handsy. King and Sam come to her rescue and the three begin to talk. She's a good girl...not the type they need for their mission, but they like her and walk her back to her hotel, just to make sure she doesn't get into any more trouble. And things happen from there...

Happy sigh. I loved this book so, so much. None of the three of these characters is kinky by nature. They just get caught up and things get so incredibly hot from there. I loved that both Jane and Sam seem to have some sort of transformation 'in the moment'. In normal life, they're both pretty quiet and reserved, but get them into bed and the dirty talking hot stuff begins to flow...big time. 

This book was sexy and so fun. I loved every minute of it. Sam's story is heartbreaking and that added a bit of angst and vulnerability to the story that I adored. I loved King and how his laidback attitude flows into the bedroom...he's open to anything. It's all good. Then there's Jane who is completely honest and upfront. There are no games in this girl and I loved that about her. She seriously is a perfect match for the two guys. I loved how close the guys are as friends, but that never once threatened her or caused her pause. In fact, she kind of loves it. 

Everything about this story worked for me. I loved the characters and the story set up and all the extremely sexy times. I love that there's still at least one more book to come in this series. I also love the Birmingham Rebels and that they are just that...Rebels...they don't care what anyone thinks. They make their own rules and their game is starting to come together because of it.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

At Close Range by Laura Griffin

Title: At Close Range
Author: Laura Griffin
My Rating: A

Genre: Romantic Suspense  
Series: Tracers #11
Main Characters:  Dani and Scott
Release Date: January 2017
Publisher:  Pocket Books
Links to Purchase:
Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:
New York Times bestselling author Laura Griffin “delivers the goods” (Publishers Weekly) again with the eleventh title in the gritty, heart-pounding Tracers series.

When a lakeside tryst ends in a double murder, police detective Daniele Harper arrives on the scene determined to get answers. Clues are everywhere, but nothing adds up. Dani turns to the Delphi Center crime lab for help, but soon regrets it when her secret attraction to their chief firearms examiner threatens to distract her from the most important case of her career.

As a ballistics expert and former Navy SEAL, Scott Black knows firearms, and he knows he can help Dani unravel her case. Scott has managed to hide his interest in his best friend’s younger sister for years, but when her investigation brings them together, the sparks between them quickly get out of control. Scott resolves to keep his hands off Dani and his eyes on the goal—identifying a killer. But when that killer zeroes in on Dani, all bets are off. There isn’t a line Scott won’t cross to convince Dani to trust him so that he can help her take down a ruthless murderer who has her in his sights.

My Review:
I'm an introvert. I don't want to be around people because it makes me incredibly uncomfortable. That's a fact, but if I was ever given a chance to observe Laura Griffin's writing process, I would jump at the chance. I would absolutely go into what I would find to be a horrifically awkward situation just because I think she's a brilliant writer. OMG, I love her books so much...and I'll be honest...every single book I forget just how incredible she writes until I start the next one and get blown away. This book was no different. It was fabulous!

Okay, so time to stop fangirling and talk about this book. This book features Dani and Scott. Dani is a rookie detective (this is her fifth full-blown case) and because her boss's wife is on the cusp of delivering their baby, she's put in charge...it's her first time in that position. She feels completely out of her element...mainly because this is an incredibly complex case covering lots of territory and people with virtually nothing in the way of leads. 

Scott is a former SEAL who now works ballistics forensics. He's known Dani almost her entire life since he's best friends with her brother. Unfortunately, that means he can't do a thing about the attraction he feels for her. Her brother will kill him if he sleeps with her and then moves on, which is his normal M.O. 

I love books where the characters are in denial about their attraction...like they can just shove it aside and not have it come to the forefront. Um, hello...this is a romance. You know that's not going to happen. But both Dani and Scott really do try...despite working really closely together trying to puzzle out this series of murders. That made from some impressive chemistry and scintillating scenes.

I loved both Scott and Dani as individual characters, but when they settled into a sort of cooperation, I loved them even more. And I'll admit that I did love the scenes where Dani's brother showed up, too. Classic.

Then there's the suspense line. Wow...this is where I want to sit over Laura Griffin's shoulder and see just how she researches, because the breadth and width of knowledge she had to dig up for the details of this book are truly impressive. I loved that! I don't want to get into details because I don't want to give anything away, but seriously...read the book. I think you'll find it impressive, too.

Overall, I highly recommend this book. Yes, it's #11 in the series, but rest assured, you can read it without having read the others in the series with absolutely no issues.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

Monday, January 30, 2017

For Finlay by J. Nathan

Title: For Finlay
Author: J. Nathan
My Rating: A+

Genre: Contemporary Romance  
Main Characters:  Finlay and Caden
Release Date: January 2017
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Finlay Thatcher is a lost soul, guilt-ridden after the death of her twin brother. When Alabama's football coach gives her the opportunity to work for him, she knows it's her chance to move on, even if it means living her brother's dream. 

Caden Brooks is Alabama's star quarterback. He's got it all. The attention of adoring fans. A girlfriend who'd do anything to hold on to him. And a future in the pros. He's getting along just fine until Finlay steps into his life, despising him at first sight and pushing his buttons like no other. 

Unfortunately for Finlay, and her attempt to keep Caden at arm's length, there's nothing Caden loves more than a challenge. The problem with this challenge is she comes with a secret that has the power to destroy everything.
My Review:
Read the description for this book...this is an emotional story and it lived up to my expectations and even surpassed them from that blurb. There's a lot of layers to the hurt in this one and at the heart of it all is Finlay.

Finlay grew up the twin sister of the star football player. From the time he was 4, no one doubted that Cole had football in his blood, and he excelled at it. By the time they were seniors in high school, she was sick of being known as his sister. No one cared who she was...so she resented him and didn't hide it. So when he went to the University of Alabama to be their first string quarterback, he didn't leave on the best of terms with her. And that's how it ended between the two of them, because then he died.

They were twins. To say Finlay harbors grief and guilt over her brother's death is putting it mildly. When the book starts, it's two years after his death and Finlay is starting her freshman year (at the age of 20) at Alabama, trying to live up to Cole's dream. No, she can't be on the football team, but she's one of the assistants so she works and travels with the team for all the practices and all the games. 

The only player that treats her decently is Caden...but she hates him. She saw him celebrating at her brother's funeral. He was the second string QB, so when Cole died, Caden became the star. Everyone on campus worships the ground he walks on and all the furor is over whether he's heading to the NFL draft this year or next. 

The thing is...Caden has no idea who Finlay really is. He just knows she's a really cool girl who doesn't put up with him or any of the other players. Oh, and she knows more about football than most the guys do. She fascinates him. 

This book was so good. Everything about how the story unfolded worked for me. I loved the twin aspect and how the situation would be so hard for a female twin. I grew up with Texas football fanatics and am married to an Alabama boy. I get how football is king and how the QB of the team must be treated like a god. Heck, in Alabama, I'm sure the entire team is treated that way. Those players are gods to their college. 

Caden doesn't understand what's going on for a long, long time throughout this story. That added an extra layer of suspense while reading. When would he find out? How? I'll admit, I never could have predicted how it all played out. So many twists and turns. There's also a great supporting cast in this one, from Finlay's roommate to the intriguing other female assistant, the jerk Grady, and the casanova...the receiver and I can't remember his name, but I think J. Nathan plans to write his book next. Personally, I can't wait.

So, if you didn't get the gist of this review...if you like sports romance or new adult romance, you need to grab this book immediately. It was a fabulous book!

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

Rogue Magic by Kit Brisby

Title: Rogue Magic
Author: Kit Brisby
My Rating: A

Genre: Paranormal Romance (m/m)
Series: -
Main Characters: Byron and Levi
Release Date: January 2017
Publisher:  Riptide Publishing
Links to Purchase:
Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:
While trapped in a stalled subway train on his morning commute, PR rep Byron Cole flirts with Levi, a young waiter with adorable curls. But Byron's hopes for romance crash and burn when Levi saves him from a brutal explosion—with outlawed magic.

When Levi is imprisoned, Byron begins to question everything he's ever believed. How can magic be evil when Levi used it to save dozens of lives? So Byron hatches a plan to save Levi that will cost him his job and probably his life. If he doesn't pull it off, Levi will be put to death.

Byron discovers that he isn't the only one questioning America's stance on magic. And he learns that Levi is stubborn, angry, and utterly enchanting. Time is running out, though. Byron must convince Levi to trust him, to trust his own magic, and to fight against the hatred that’s forced him to hide his true nature his entire life. The more Levi opens up, the harder Byron falls. And the more they have to lose.

My Review:
OMG, I was completely blown away by this book. And you should know up front...I'm not a huge paranormal reader, so I was thrilled that this is world is exactly like our own. The only difference is...there's magic that some people are born with (just like everyone is born with race or sexual identity). That magic is regarded with fear and bigotry in society. As a result, it's been outlawed, and the people who have magic have been repressed and tormented by unfair laws and treatments. 

The book begins on a subway. Byron works for Cole Industries as their PR spokesman. He's on his way downtown for a press conference to reveal Cole Industries new endeavor...a Harvest Project where they will use the mage's outlawed magic and focus it to create energy for society's use. On the subway, Levi catches his eye and ultimately Levi saves all the riders on the subway when a bomb explodes. He used his outlawed magic to shield them all from sudden death...an act punishable by death. To make matters worse, Levi is immediately labeled as a terrorist who caused the death of 18 other people that day. He's a mage...of course he has to be evil. 

Levi is anything but. He's simply a 21 year old waiter who reacted heroically. He's always hidden his magic, never even experimented with it because he never wanted anyone to know about it. His use of it was as surprising to him as everyone around him. But now he's in a heap of trouble. 

And Byron is confused. He was there. He saw Levi's shock. He wasn't evil. He wasn't responsible for the other bombs. Byron is pretty positive about that and watching as Levi is branded as evil incarnate by the media, he suddenly starts questioning everything he's ever believed. 

This book is so good, just because it's so believable in how it all unfolds. Watching society today, it's so easy (and so scary) to see how a world gets like this. Although they both felt the attraction on the subway, it takes a long time for things to develop between Levi and Byron. Between the circumstances and distrust, their relationship moves very slowly, but I did really love how Byron became Levi's safe place when he truly didn't have one. 

The book and plan slowly unfolds. I was at 96% and still wasn't sure if everyone was going to survive. There are tons of twists and turns that kept me on the edge of my seat...and I loved that. And one that I absolutely did not see coming. Total shocker!

So much about this book spoke to me and the scary crossroads we're at in our real world society. In this fictional society, magic was outlawed because media swayed them using fear tactics to enact hate and unfair change. It's just like what's being done today with rumblings of Muslim registry...it's such a scary, slippery slope just because people are afraid. It makes me sad that things can come to this so easily just based on fear.

From what I understand this is a first book by this author. Wow, I am impressed. It's a fabulous, thought-provoking read. I HIGHLY recommend it. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review. 

Branded by Flames by Sean Michael

Title: Branded By Flames
Author: Sean Michael
My Rating: B-

Genre: Paranormal Erotica
Series: Dragon Soul #1
Main Characters: Jake and Shae
Release Date: January 2017
Publisher:  Carina
Links to Purchase:
Sexual Intensity: erotic

Story Overview:
Introducing a brand-new male/male dragon shifter series from bestselling LGBTQ author Sean Michael!

Meet the Beteferoce brothers. Five dragon shifters, each with a strong elemental power. And each with a fierce desire to find his soul mate…

For years, dragon-shifter-slash-firefighter Jake has been searching for his mate, but he's beginning to tire of the search. Maybe soul mates are only for the lucky few. 

Then he meets Shae. 

A former navy welder, Shae is handsome, talented, into power play and rough sex, and covered in dragon tattoos. All of this suits the shape-shifting dragon just fine—until he finds out that Shae literally has Jake's family crest already tattooed on him. A coincidence? Or something more… 

Jake must convince Shae to trust him as a man and as a Dom before the heat between them burns out of control. Becoming a dragon's mate is not without danger, and Shae will need Jake's guidance—and love—if he's going to make it through alive. 

This book is approximately 76,000 words 

My Review:
You need to go into this book knowing that this is an erotica. Honestly, I'm not even sure it classifies as erotic romance because the sex is first and foremost before anything to do with a fairly shallow plot line. There is sex...a lot of it in this book. BUT that's not a bad thing if that's what you're expecting and looking for. Overall the book is extremely readable. I didn't ever think about DNF'ing it, although by about sex scene #25 or so I started skimming them, because enough already...but that's a personal thing.

The premise overall is interesting though. The series features a group of 5 dragon shifter brothers. None of them have mates, although one did have once upon a time. (his mate was murdered). A local fae tattooist though has predicted that they all have mates coming. The first to find his is Jake. Coincidentally enough, he finds out they're mates through Shae's tattoo. 

I like the lore and the premise. I also really like that all male dragon shifters are gay Doms. Talk about sexy. In fact, there are hints at what is to come for a couple of the other stories and I'm intigued. 

I've been torn on how to rate this book...between a B (4 star rating) and a B- (3 star rating). Eventually I decided to go with the lower rating. Mainly I decided that because of the last 10-15% of the book where there was a new conflict for Shae that arose...seemingly out of the blue...and then was never truly resolved. I don't want to get into spoilers with all of that, but basically the conflict was wiped away with sex. I did mention that this was a very sexual book, but that seemed like a cheat to me. I would have liked to have seen something more...maybe even something from the fae who started it all with Shae.

Normally, I would never consider continuing to read a series where I gave the first book 3 stars. This is the exception which is why I'm explaining my rating. The book was extremely readable. There were a couple of details in the story I had issue with, but the setup for the upcoming books is good enough and I enjoyed this story enough that I definitely will read book #2 if given the opportunity. So take that into account as you read this review. It most definitely wasn't a bad book. I won't ever reread it, but I don't regret reading it the first time. I just hope that book #2 is a tiny bit better. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Worth the Fall by Claudia Connor (audiobook)

Title:  Worth the Fall
Author: Claudia Connor
My Rating: A
Narrator: Johanna Parker

Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Series: McKinney Brothers #1
Main Characters: Abby and Matt
Release Date: September 2014 (audiobook)
Publisher: Audible Audio
Links to Purchase
Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:
The McKinney Brothers, Book 1

They meet on a beach. . . . Abby Davis isn’t wearing a skimpy bikini or sipping umbrella drinks, not when she’s busy chasing around four little ones. And Matt McKinney isn’t looking for fun—he’s a Navy SEAL, a grown man with a long list of missions . . . and fallen brothers.
They only have a week. . . . Abby has brought her children to this beach to start over, to give them the enjoyable memories they deserve. Matt’s been sidelined by a combat injury, and haunted by the best friend he lost and the promise he made: to remain a SEAL—focused and dedicated. This leaves no time for what he’s always wanted: a family.
But a week is all it takes. . . . Matt opens her heart while Abby soothes his soul. And though they plan to say good-bye when the week is over, something magical happens on that beach, something neither can forget. Something utterly, completely worth falling for.

My Review:
Overall: 4.5
Performance: 5.0
Story: 4.5

This was an absolutely wonderful book. Matt is a Navy SEAL on leave after a blow to the head. He's at the beach, playing wingman to his cousin when he meets Abby. He's immediately smitten and intrigued even though she has a wedding ring on (it's okay, he's not a creeper...her son had told him before that, that his daddy had died, so Matt was pretty sure she was a single mom)...pregnant and handling four kids for their beach vacation. He's in awe of her and wants to help...something that Abby doesn't deal well with. 

Abby has learned the hard way that she can't count on anyone but herself. By the age of five, both her parents were dead and she was thrown into a faulty foster system that let her down time and time again. Her husband died right as she found out she was pregnant for the fifth time, but he was never the type of husband she could count on. She's extremely independent because she had to be. Even those people who supposedly loved her constantly let her down so she doesn't trust...ever.

Abby's story broke my heart. At the beginning of the book, she seems like wondermom, doing it all, but as the story progresses, it's revealed about just how broken she really is. On the other side of that is Matt. He's a SEAL. His mission in life is to take care of people, but he lives in another state which makes it hard to prove to Abby and these kids that he's worthy of their trust.

There's a lot to this story and so much of it is just as heartbreaking as it is heartwarming. I wanted to snuggle Abby up and give her a family to take care of her, especially when everything plays out. *heartbreaking* 

It was just a fabulous book. I loved how when they meet Abby is six months pregnant, but Matt still sees her beauty and perfection when most guys would completely overlook her. I absolutely adored him for that. Matt isn't without flaws, but he's pretty much perfect for Abby and her family. He has tons of nieces and nephews so he's an old pro at relating to the kids and absolutely is fabulous with them. Everything about this book worked for me. I LOVED IT!

Johanna Parker is the PERFECT narrator for this book. I listened to her narrate another series (I had to go look it up because I couldn't place it, but I knew her voice...but it was another series that I loved her narration on) and she is literally perfection when it comes to a wide range of children's voices. Since Abby has four kids who are in most of the scenes in this book, the narration nailed it. 

So, yeah, if you have a choice and like audiobooks, I highly recommend listening to this one. 

Friday, January 27, 2017

F*ck Club: Riley by Shiloh Walker

Title: F*ck Club
Author: Shiloh Walker
My Rating: B

Genre: Contemporary Romance  
Series: F*ck Club #1
Main Characters:  Riley and Bree
Release Date: January 2016
Publisher:  -
Links to Purchase:
Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
"The first rule of F*ck Club...we don’t talk about it. We just do the job and get paid." 

And Riley Steele did his job very well. He’ll be the first to admit that his current life isn’t the one he’d foreseen. It’s not even one he really wants, but after his parents died and he was left to care for two siblings and a mountain of debt, he was willing to do almost anything. 

Now, after almost ten years of being paid to pleasure, he’s almost numb to it…and to women. 

That all changes with one phone call. Brianna Sharpe, the girl he’d loved as a boy, is leaving an abusive lover and needs someplace to hide. 

Opening his home to Bree is easy. Protecting his heart is a different story. She’d completely shattered it once already. But Bree has changed and Riley wants to think there might be a chance. Only...what will she do when she discovers his secrets?

My Review:
This is a hard book for me to rate and review. On the one hand, I adored the premise and cannot wait for more books to come in this series. I love all the characters and their back stories. On the other hand, this book didn't *quite* do it for me, and the reasons for that were complicated. 

I love both Bree and Riley individually as characters. They were both awesome even while their back stories and how they got to this point were heartbreaking. I cheered for both of them and wanted them to be happy and find their hea. 

BUT, for me reading this book, their chemistry just wasn't there. I felt like Riley was in love and infatuated with the girl he lost, not the woman standing in front of him. It seemed like so much of their attraction was anchored in the past and their memories...not the here and now. 

So, the romance wasn't quite on par for me in this book, but that didn't change the fact that I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and seriously cannot wait for the next two books in the series. Con ended this story in a somewhat bad place and every time Shame's background was mentioned, my heart broke for him. The setup is there for some great and angst-filled stories and I cannot wait to read them. 

So, a mixed review...but don't let that stop you from picking up this book. I know that chemistry between characters is one of those subjective things that varies from reader to reader. Everything else about this book worked for me, so in that regard, I definitely can recommend it...and then you can decide if you like Riley and Bree together or not.
I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Hard Hitter by Sarina Bowen

Title: Hard Hitter
Author: Sarina Bowen
My Rating: A

Genre: Sports Romance 
Series: Brooklyn Bruisers #2
Main Characters: Patrick and Ari
Release Date: January 2017
Publisher:  Berkley
Links to Purchase:
Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
He’s a fighter in the rink, but he’s about to learn that playing nice can help you score... 

As team captain and enforcer, Patrick O'Doul puts the bruise in the Brooklyn Bruisers. But after years of hard hits, O'Doul is feeling the burn, both physically and mentally. He conceals his pain from his coach and trainers, but when his chronic hip injury becomes too obvious to ignore, they send him for sessions with the team’s massage therapist.

After breaking up with her long-term boyfriend, Ari Bettini is in need of peace of mind. For now, she’s decided to focus on her work: rehabilitating the Bruisers’ MVP. O'Doul is easy on the eyes, but his reaction to her touch is ice cold. Ari is determined to help O'Doul heal, but as the tension between them turns red hot, they both learn that a little TLC does the body good...

My Review:
There are two things that I really love...hockey and yoga. This book combined those two things in the most delicious way. It just really made me happy.

This is the second book in the Brooklyn Bruiser's series and this one featured, Patrick O'Doul, the team's captain and enforcer. O'Doul has been doing this job for a while...long enough that he's old enough that he dreads the fighting aspect of his job. It hurts his body and his psyche and every game it's getting harder and harder to recover from that. At the beginning of the book, he's in a bad place...especially physically, so the team owner and the coach insist that he spend some real quality time on Ari's massage table. 

Ari has been working for the team for a couple of years, and she's used to O'Doul dodging her appointments. It doesn't take much investigative work to realize he hates being touched...that kind of makes it difficult to do her job with him. 

I love the way this book and their relationship played out. Patrick is so withdrawn. No one is able to get close to him, but massages are a personal thing...especially for him. He hates people to touch him, but Ari respects that and so he slowly learns to trust him. Their relationship is a slow build and felt so real and genuine because of that. 

The other thing that Ari does with the team is team yoga...I loved that aspect of the story. Gah...I'm so jealous of her job especially the scene where she did hot yoga with the team. I was drooling just reading about it. That also made for some really sexy moments between Patrick and Ari. LOVED that.

And then there's the hockey. This author rocks all the hockey details. I felt like I went through the entire season with the Bruisers and was seriously cheering for them...BUT WTF??? Every chapter heading was a breakdown of their standing and how many games until the end of regular season. To just cut off the story without letting us know if they made it to the playoffs or not was seriously uncool. I get that that part of the story will be answered in the next book...but OMG! Don't make it such a big deal in this story if you're just going to leave it dangling out there. I was sure chapters had been cut out of my ebook...but I went and checked the paperback that I'd bought and nope...that's the way it was. UGH!

But other than that little niggle, the book was another fabulous installment to the series. I can't wait for the next book. The preview chapter was incredibly tantalizing. I'm also really, super stoked for Nate and Becca's book that I hope will come as book #4. This is an incredible series. If you like sports or hockey romances, I highly recommend you grab it.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Accidentally on Purpose by Jill Shalvis

Title: Accidentally on Purpose
Author: Jill Shalvis
My Rating: A-

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Heartbreaker Bay #3
Main Characters: Elle and Archer
Release Date: January 2017
Publisher:  Avon Books
Links to Purchase:
Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
There’s no such thing as a little in love…

Elle Wheaten’s priorities: friends, career, and kick-ass shoes. Then there’s the muscular wall of stubbornness that’s security expert Archer Hunt—who comes before everything else. No point in telling Mr. “Feels-Free Zone” that, though. Elle will just see other men until she gets over Archer . . . which should only take a lifetime . . .

There’s no such thing as a little in lust…

Archer’s wanted the best for Elle ever since he sacrificed his law-enforcement career to save her. But now that she’s earned happiness and success, Archer just wants Elle 24/7. Their chemistry could start the next San Francisco Earthquake, and Archer doesn’t want to be responsible for the damage. The alternative? Watch her go out with guys who aren’t him . . .

There is such a thing as…

As far as Archer’s concerned, nobody is good enough for Elle. But when he sets out to prove it by sabotaging her dates, she gets mad—and things get hot as hell. Now Archer has a new mission: prove to Elle that her perfect man has been here all along…

My Review:
Yay. I've been looking forward to Archer's book and it did not disappoint. There's a history between Elle and Archer that's been a mystery up until this book. In the aftermath of what happened between the two of them, things have been a bit contentious. For Elle, she's hurt and HATES that she's still extremely attracted to him. He turned her down, but her dang heart is stupid. She hates that so much. She's worked so hard to make her life what it is. She's a competent, confident, successful woman. Archer is her weakness, and she pretty much hates him for it. 

Archer hates that he's hurt Elle so much that she can't even be in the same room with him. Regardless of that, though, he's spent the last eleven years protecting her and trying to make sure that she's okay. (She is unaware of all of that.) And trying to hide his attraction to her. 

This is a great enemies to lovers story. These two definitely fight to hide their attraction to one another. There's so much chemistry between the two of them. It's hot and sexy and so much fun...especially when that chemistry spins out of control.

The way the entire story unfolded was fabulous. I loved every time Elle and Archer were on the page together. They have snappy fun dialogue and scenes. In fact the dialogue between this whole group of friends is so fun. I love how they all get into one another's business and have each other's back. There were some highly emotional scenes in this story, but I loved the way the friends were always there to point out exactly where Elle or Archer screwed up...just like all good friends should. 

And note...Archer is the security specialist so of course there was some great action which always adds an extra oomph of emotion. I like that. 

And now I'm really hoping Spencer's book is next. I love that big, geeky, gorgeous guy (who spends a lot of the time a bit clueless...he's going to make a great hero.)

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review, but this one is going on my reread list, so I ordered a print copy for my keeper shelf.