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Will Never Fade by Jenna Sutton

Title: Will Never Fade
Author: Jenna Sutton
My Rating: A

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Riley and Co #4.75
Main Characters: Phoebe and Garrett
Release Date: December 2016
Publisher:  -
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
For Phoebe Werner, the management trainee program at Riley O’Brien & Co. represents a new beginning. She’s finally healthy, and she is trying to enjoy life while she can. She never expects to run into Garrett Gale at a New Year’s Eve party. The handsome hotelier is the only man she wants… and a reminder of what she can never have. 

Years ago, Garrett enjoyed one memorable night with Phoebe after months of fantasizing about her. And then, she disappeared. She ignored his efforts to contact her, and he did his best to forget her. Now fate has brought her back into his life and his bed. But who knows how long she’ll stay there? 

With Phoebe's fears threatening to ruin their chance at happiness, Garrett must convince her that they're meant to be. He can't let Phoebe walk away with his heart again. 

My Review:
It's going to be hard to write this review without any spoilers, but if you read the story description, it gives you a good feel about what is happening in this book. (It's such a good story.)

Three years ago, Phoebe and Garrett were in school together and were friends...good friends. Although he wanted them to be more, he didn't want to ruin their friendship by crossing that he didn't until they were almost to graduation. Then he asked her out and things went amazingly...until she disappeared the next morning and he never saw her again.

Now it's three years later and the two run into one another at a New Year's Eve party that mutual friends are throwing. Garrett has never forgotten their connection. Neither has Phoebe, but she's had other things that have drawn her attention in that interim. Garrett sees this as a second chance, but for Phoebe this is a torturous reminder of what she can never have. 

I really enjoyed this story. I do love second chance at love stories and this one had the added bonus of some really interesting setup with the story. There are some good general life lessons in this novella, too. Phoebe has an interesting point of view that I hadn't necessarily considered in regards to her future. The story was really good. It's short, but with their history, it works and doesn't feel like the depth is shortchanged at all. I loved how all-in Garrett is with the two of them, but he doesn't have all the facts. He just knows he wants Phoebe...all of her. 

And no spoilers...but I loved the way everything was resolved. So perfect. If it had been any other way, I might have doubted the validity of their happily ever after, because throughout the story, there's no doubt that Phoebe loves Garrett. But she needs that wakeup call that truly changes where her heart is at with their future. It was really well written...and I recommend it. 

Also...this is part of a series, but you absolutely and without a doubt can read this book as a stand-alone. Riley and Co is the jeans company where all these characters are tied, but that's about where the ties end. You can easily go into this one with assurance that you won't ever be confused about the details. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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