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Intended for Bristol by L.P.Dover

Title: Intended for Bristol
Author: L.P. Dover
My Rating: B-

Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Series: Second Chances #9
Main Characters: Bristol and Jaxon
Release Date: December 2016
Publisher:  Loveswept
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:

L. P. Dover’s tantalizing Second Chances series gets a change of scenery as the Carolina Cougars’ infamous bad boy heads to the West Coast. His best laid plans call for seduction—but a driven career woman has him begging for more.
Trying to live down his very public indiscretions, Carolina Cougars kicker Jaxon Reed feels like the most hated man in the NFL. When he’s traded away, his new teammates in California don’t waste any time making his life miserable. Unfortunately for them, Jaxon’s no easy target. As payback, he sets his sights on the quarterback’s sister: a sultry brunette who’s curvy, confident, and sexy as hell. But what begins as a revenge fling turns into so much more.
Bristol Thomas doesn’t have time for games, especially those played by her brother’s Neanderthal teammates. A talented interior designer with lofty goals, she doesn’t know the first thing about football, or Jaxon—except that he’s exactly the type of man she usually avoids. But when his deep laugh and deeper kisses break through her walls, she becomes the target of a fan who’s obsessed with Jaxon. Now she needs to know that Jaxon has her back . . . because he already has her heart.
My Review:
This book features Jaxon. Jaxon has a rough history in this series because he's been pretty much the jerk of the team, so I was interested to see how L.P. Dover redeemed him...and I have to admit she made that even more difficult by where he started the book. He has a real beef with the new quarterback for the team and is doing everything he can to make his life more miserable. So when he sees the girl he meets in a bar has some ties to the new qb, he decides this would be a great way to get back at the qb.

Bristol is new to North Carolina and is thrilled to be living near her brother. She has a history with one of her brother's old teammates who proved to her that nothing good ever came from dating a player. As a result, football players are off limits. The problem with that is that Jaxon lies to her so she has no idea he's a player. 

Their relationship away from the football aspect worked for me. She's redecorating his apartment and they find that they have a lot in common through their art. He designs cars and motorcycles in his free time and is also an artist (this story line required the reader to suspend a bit of belief when it came to what he does with the motocross rider). But I did enjoy the aspects of the art that they had in common. 

I've read two other books in this series and they pretty much worked for me (with a few minor pet peeves), but this one...I wasn't a big fan. My problem wasn't with the story line, but with the dialogue. The dialogue in this book just seemed over the top cheesy to me and it really threw off the enjoyability of the entire book for me. One other little note...if the author wants to write about the NFL, she should really do some decent research. All of her books have had glaring problems with allowing things to happen for the players that would never happen in real life. In this book, the girlfriends are allowed to stand on the sidelines for the game...um, NO. Hell, they don't even allow that in high school football.

Like most this series, there was a bit of a suspense side plot. Nothing about that surprised me as I saw all the twists coming. It's a very tried and true "obsessed one-night stand with the pro player" story line that felt a little staid.

So, definitely not a book that really worked for me, but this might be a "it's not you, it's me" issue. But I have to say I think I'm done with this series.
I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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