Thursday, November 24, 2016

Undercover by T.A. McKay

Title: Undercover
Author: T.A. McKay
My Rating: A-

Genre: Dark Romantic Suspense  (m/m)
Series: -
Main Characters: Ryden and Drake
Release Date: November 2016
Publisher:  -
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Sexual Intensity: erotic

Story Overview:
Drake Donovan is one of the good guys. He spends his life helping people who need it. Being a police officer is all he’s ever wanted to be, and there is nothing else that could ever compare.

After months of work he finally has a way in to the underground world he's been trying to close down. A trail of dead prostitutes has led him to a chat room and a man called Dreamfixer, but a late night meeting goes wrong his life changes forever.

Ryden Garrick has the life that nightmares are made of. Growing up with a father like his taught him everything he needed to know to run his area in one of Britain’s largest crime organisations. 

Guns, drugs, money laundering, and the area that Ryden excels in, prostitution. Running one of the largest male prostitution rings, one where anything is acceptable, even murder, is where he dedicates most of his time.

When Drake discovered the connection with the young dead bodies, all linked with a letter tattooed on their chest, he knew he had to do something. Now standing in front of the elusive Dreamfixer, he knows that life will never be the same.

When gathering evidence becomes the last thing he's thinking about he knows that he will have to make a decision. Follow his feelings or stay strong, doing what he was here to do. 
Now he has to decide between the job he loves and the man who could change everything.

Life for Drake was easy before he went Undercover.

My Review:
There's not a warning on this book, but it probably needs one. It's very dark, and I'm not saying that as it being something bad, because it's not. The book is fantastic, but there is a lot of graphic violence and you need to be prepared for that. Because flat of these heroes is not a good guy. He inherited the family business from his father and has grown up with this world of violence as the norm. Someone defies him...he kills them. And a lot of that happens within the pages of the book. 

You've been warned, but keep reading because I did really like the book. The thing that makes it so good is that there's no way out of this. Drake is a cop. Ryden is obviously a criminal. There's absolutely no way they can have a happy ending...but this is a romance novel so...

And I'm sitting here fiddling with my laptop keys because I don't know what else to say without giving spoilers. The romance is unusual, but it completely worked for me. I loved the chemistry and the build-up. The entire time reading this book, my nerves were on edge not knowing what might come next. At about the 80% mark, the author went someplace I was sure she wasn't at that point. But she did...and it didn't ruin the all. Seriously good story telling. 

Despite Ryden's violent life and world, T.A. McKay did an amazing job with this character, because she made me love him even though we should despise him. Through his feelings for Drake, she showed the reader how Ryden might be redeemed (note: I would love to have a revisit with these characters five years down the road to see how that redemption went.)

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. It was dark and I'll admit that I like dark at times. But there was never a time where I didn't like the MC's or how they treated one another. The story worked for me and I completely and totally fell in love with Ryden and Drake and their romance story. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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