Friday, November 18, 2016

Promo Post: Joshua by Christi Snow

The final installment for the Male Model Chronicles series released today.

Book details:
Title: Joshua
Series: Male Model Chronicles #3
Genre: contemporary romance with light suspense elements (m/f)
Word Count: 56,000 words
Release date: November 18, 2016

Story Overview:
December is the time for romance, twinkling lights, and roaring fires in the fireplace. It’s also time for the annual Holiday Fantasy Lingerie show. This year, the show has a masculine twist with the introduction of male models who were once soldiers. 

Joshua Scott Brown has made quite a name for himself as a male fitness model since he got out of the Air Force. But nothing prepares him for the media circus that occurs after he catches one of the female lingerie models during the live show, preventing her from a ten-foot fall. Now the lingerie company wants to turn that media coverage into holiday profit by pairing him up romantically with the model. Unfortunately, he only has eyes for Autumn Layne, the publicist who keeps pushing him into another woman’s arms.

The final book in the series of novels inspired by Shauna Kruse’s photography and her beautiful male models. 
The Male Model Chronicles.

Chapter One

He was one lucky bastard.
As Joshua Scott Brown walked into the dressing room area behind the stage, he tried not to look as overwhelmed as he felt. Jesus. There were half naked, gorgeous women everywhere.
Half-dressed models...check.
Utter chaos...check.
Anyone who looked like they were in charge...negative.
Joshua had no idea where he needed to be for this rehearsal, and he didn’t see any of the other guys, either. His instructions had been to report backstage. This was backstage, but there didn’t appear to be anyone in control of the chaos.
He glanced down at his phone to see if there was any other information in the email to help. Nada.
A man rushed by him with a rack of tiny garments flying behind him. Women chattered and hollered at one another across the big, open space. Makeup and hair techs appeared harried as they tried to get the models to sit or stand still at each of the makeup tables set randomly throughout the space. There were no screens or privacy of any sort as the models changed and were fitted.
Okay, time for plan B. One of these models had to know where he was supposed to go. He approached one who smiled and was holding an animated conversation with the fitter standing beside her. She whipped off her bra, and he froze. 
Oh, good God. 
Those were nipples. 
Right there. 
Not that he had a problem with nipples as a general rule. But shit, give a guy some warning. He veered to the right and searched faces for anyone who might be helpful, making sure to keep his eyes at shoulder level or above.

To read the rest of this first chapter, go check it out on my website...

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