Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Miracle on 5th Avenue by Sarah Morgan

Title: Miracle on 5th Avenue
Author: Sarah Morgan
My Rating: A

Genre: Contemporary Romance  
Series: From Manhattan with Love #3
Main Characters: Eva and Lucas
Release Date: November 2016
Publisher:  Harlequin
Links to Purchase:
Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
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It will take a Christmas miracle for two very different souls to find each other in this perfectly festive fairy tale of New York! 

Hopeless romantic Eva Jordan loves everything about Christmas. She might be spending the holidays alone this year, but when she's given an opportunity to house-sit a spectacular penthouse on Fifth Avenue, she leaps at the chance. What better place to celebrate than in snow-kissed Manhattan? What she didn't expect was to find the penthouse still occupied by its gorgeous—and mysterious—owner. 

Bestselling crime writer Lucas Blade is having the nightmare before Christmas. With a deadline and the anniversary of his wife's death looming, he's isolated himself in his penthouse with only his grief for company. He wants no interruptions, no decorations and he certainly doesn't appreciate being distracted by his beautiful, bubbly new housekeeper. But when the blizzard of the century leaves Eva snowbound in his apartment, Lucas starts to open up to the magic she brings…This Christmas, is Lucas finally ready to trust that happily-ever-afters do exist?

My Review:
Hands down, this has been my favorite of the series (in what has been a great series.) The romance was so quirky and unexpected between the two really interesting characters. I enjoyed the evolution of the story and watching the story unfold. 

This book is completely an opposites attract story and these two never would have come together if fate...and a grandmother...hadn't forced the issue. Eva focuses on the good in everything, although this last year and in particular this holiday season has tested the limits of her resilience. See, a year ago, the only person left in Eva's family died. Now she's all alone. Yes, she has good friends, but that doesn't fix the absence of family. So, to get through the holiday season, she's completely thrown herself into the busyness of her concierge business...which leads her to Lucas's apartment. 

Lucas is a bestselling horror novelist. He's dealing with his own emotional turmoil which is always hardest during Christmas, the season when his wife died after slipping on the ice. Because of that hardship, his writer's block is getting the best of hi this year. And to keep people away from him, he's told everyone that he's in Vermont until the book is done. So, his grandmother hires Eva to come into his penthouse apartment to decorate and cook enough meals to carry him throughout the season. But when she arrives just as a blizzard is winding up, she's shocked to find Lucas in residence.

Lucas is everything that Eva is not. He expects the absolute worst in everyone. He's a horror writer and he sees stories around every corner. He definitely has a bleak outlook on the world and has no idea how to handle Eva...and all of her pure sunshiney outlook on life. But as the storm rages, they're kind of stuck with one another. And then Lucas discovers that having her in the apartment has unlocked his writers block so he hires her to stay...until the book is done. She's the muse for the murderer in his new book...something that she doesn't realize.

This book is filled with all things wonderful. It takes place during the holiday season in NYC which is magical in itself. But the romance was also sweet and endearing. Both the characters are carrying a lot of emotional angst and that translated into making this an emotional read that I simply fell in love with. I loved it so, so much and definitely recommend it!

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review, but midway through the book I ordered a copy for my keeper shelf because I loved this book so much.

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