Thursday, September 22, 2016

Just What I Needed by Lorelei James (audiobook)

Title: Just What I Needed
Author: Lorelei James
My Rating: A-
Narrators: Lidia Dornet and Roger Wayne

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Need You #2
Main Characters: Trinity and Walker
Release Date: September 2016
Publisher: Tantor Audio
Links to Purchase:
Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
The second sexy novel in the Need You series, from the New York Times bestselling author of the Mastered Series and the Blacktop Cowboys® Series.
Trinity Carlson might be having the worst day ever. And that was before she started drinking in a dive bar, right across from her ex and his new girlfriend. So when she finally decides enough is enough, she grabs hold of a hot, blond stranger and gives him the kiss of his life.

Walker Lund never expected that a chance at love would hit him right on the mouth. Since the moment his brother decided to settle down, Walker has been dodging his family’s hopes that he’ll do the same.  He’s never been interested in following in anyone’s footsteps. But when he discovers his sexy assailant has given him a fake name and number he suddenly finds himself in the mood for a little hot pursuit...
My Review: 
Overall: 4.25
Performance: 4.5

Story: 4.25

Oooh, I really liked this story, although both the MC's have some interesting issues. 

Trinity is an artist. She also has an artist's soul. She's emotional, moody, and has had serious issues with depression and self-doubt. As the story unfolds, a lot of the reasons for her issues were revealed...a couple of them really took me by surprise because I didn't see the twists coming. 

Walker is the black sheep of his millionaire/billionaire family. He's the blue collar guy despite his wealth. He works construction and is generally discounted within his family and by others who normally bow down to the Lund name. Yeah, he has a few issues, too. Despite the fact this generation is all very close, including Walker, he still feels like an outsider who's taken for granted. Yep...issues. 

For both these characters, they don't seem to quite fit within their world. Even in the artist world, Trinity is different. She uses lots of different mediums and doesn't restrict her artistic endeavors. She creates huge custom mixed-media pieces, small paintings that she sells for a few dollars, and will then work painting sets at the local theater. Within the constricts of the story, their situations both come to a head adding extra stress onto their relationship which isn't exactly smooth sailing to begin with. But despite that, I really loved the two of them together. Neither one is divulging all their secrets which causes issues as they move through their relationship, but I did really like them. 

The story was romantic and fun. I loved every moment of listening to it. The narrators were both fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it. 

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