Monday, September 5, 2016

Connection Error by Annabeth Albert

Title: Connection Error
Author: Annabeth Albert
My Rating: A+

Genre: Contemporary Romance  (m/m)
Series: Gaymers #3
Main Characters: Josiah and Ryan
Release Date: September 2016
Publisher: Carina
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
It's typical of video game programmer Josiah Simmons to be the last one on the plane on the way to the biggest meeting of his career. Though he's (mostly) coping with his ADHD, he can't handle another distraction. But he also can't ignore his rugged seatmate—especially once he learns the military man's a fan of his game.

Ryan Orson refuses to let his severe injuries pause his career as a navy SEAL. He's got hours of grueling physical therapy ahead of him, and no time for anything that might get in the way of his return to active duty. But that doesn't mean he's above a little first-class flirtation with geeky-cute Josiah.

When a delay strands the pair in St. Louis, they agree to share a hotel room and a night of gaming. Neither expects their new connection to move to the next level in the light of day. Opposites may attract, but is this game over before it's even begun?

Book Three of the #gaymers series

My Review:
This book was everything. It had two heroes that I absolutely adored. Josiah was awkwardly geeky. Ryan was gorgeous and wounded. And each of them won over my heart in completely different ways. I loved how unlikely their relationship is, but it works so perfectly for the two of them. And although their initial hook-up is pretty fast, this is truly one of those books that I would classify as a friends to lovers (and I do adore that trope.)

Ryan and Josiah meet as they are both headed to the East Coast from California. For Josiah, he is then continuing onto Germany where he's working for the next 3 weeks. For Ryan, he's headed back to Walter Reed to continue his physical rehab after losing his legs three months ago while serving as a SEAL. Ryan is this huge, muscular, take charge alpha type. And while Josiah is tall, he's lanky and very geedy, beta. This is not a guy who asserts himself. There's also about a 10 year difference in their ages. 

But they work. Ever since the accident, Ryan has had people tiptoeing around him. Josiah is a fresh of breath air just because he's so awkward, he speaks before he thinks. Ryan is drawn to that honesty. They both have things that hold them back socially and they manage to find common ground through that...oh, and they both love the video game that Josiah helped develop and build. 

I truly loved this book. I am a huge sucker for a wounded (mentally or physically) hero and Ryan was an amazing one. I thought Annabeth Albert did an incredible job describing the pain of his phantom limbs and the mental adjustment to having such a drastic change happen to his body. The reading of it felt very real and kudos to her. But there's a lot of pain involved with Josiah's issues, too, and she handled it just as brilliantly. There's no comparison, but I loved how she showed the ways that both guys are hurting and how that hurt was so similar in several of their circumstances. 

I adored the book. In fact, I've adored this entire series, but this is by far my favorite installment of it so far. I highly recommend it...and no worries if you haven't read the other books in the series. While I definitely recommend them, too, you can easily jump in and read this one without having read the others and I don't think you will be all. It's a perfect stand-alone read.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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