Friday, August 5, 2016

Heart Strike by M.L. Buchman

Title: Heart Strike 
Author: M.L. Buchman
My Rating: A

Genre: Military Romance
Series: Delta Force #2
Main Characters: Richie and Melissa
Release Date: August 2016
Publisher:  Sourcebooks
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Richie Goldman is the team geek of Delta Force, a warrior and a technical wizard-but nothing is more mysterious to him than women. When a feisty new recruit joins the team just in time for a dangerous mission in the Colombian jungle, he'll have to make it out alive if he ever wants to figure her out.

Melissa Moore is going to be the best woman in Delta Force. Ready to do battle, her biggest challenge is avoiding Richie's sweet and sexy distractions. She was prepared for combat, but falling in love is an entirely different battlefield…

My Review:
The first book in this series was one of my favorite reads from last year, so I was a bit worried going into this one about whether it would live up to my high expectations. It wasn't quite as good as the first....but seriously, I adored that book so much, it would be almost impossible to hit all the right buttons perfectly again...I did still really enjoy this story. And it is still definitely a five-star read for me.

Melissa has the difficult situation of having to follow Carla's the second woman to go through Delta training. Melissa frankly got sick of hearing about the perfection of when she's assigned to Carla's Delta team, she is less than thrilled. This was an interesting book just in that Carla's team is tight...they've been together, working in deep spec ops situations for six months...and they all went through Delta training together. Melissa is the outcast in every aspect...and there are most definite growing pains in her fitting in and getting the team to adjust. You would think that the immediate attraction between her and Richie would make that easier, but it actually causes even more tension and suspicion. 

Melissa has a heartbreaking story with an interesting twist tying her to Michael, the Colonel from Delta training. While I loved that connection, it's seriously one of those things that could only happen in a fictional I had to suspend a bit of disbelief for that. But I did like her backstory and how it helped to forge a bond between her and Carla. And I did really like these two women together. In fact, I really liked the entire team and how they functioned. And the jungle world that the author created was fantastic. I loved the visuals the author created. It provided such an amazing backdrop for this story.

I also really loved how nerdy and geeky Richie is...except for when he's not. Melissa thought about his multiple sides as actual different personalities. And wow...they had some really hot moments...and romantic moments that melted my heart. I loved them together so much.

This series...and honestly all of M.L Buchman's military just fantastic. I love his attention to detail...and how the planes and flying came into play in this story. It was fantastic the way the author tied the two together even when they are flying together. Seriously, there was so much romance to this story that I really, really loved. It was simply a great, adventure-filled, romantic story. I highly recommend it.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, but did buy a print copy after reading it for my keeper shelf.

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