Friday, August 19, 2016

Hard to Stop by Wendy Byrne

Title: Hard to Stop
Author: Wendy Byrne
My Rating: A

Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense 
Series: Hard Targets #3
Main Characters: Max and Gia
Release Date: March 2015
Publisher: Gemma Halliday Publishing
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Sexual Intensity: g-rated

Story Overview:
From acclaimed author Wendy Byrne, comes the conclusion to the Hard Targets trilogy... 

Max Shaw is a wanted man. He hasn’t figured out how or why there’s a price on his head, but after the third attempt on his life, he realizes this isn’t going to go away any time soon. Forced as a teenager to work as a covert assassin, he's no stranger to dangerous situations. But he thought he left that life behind him long ago. 
To keep his former profession under wraps, Max is forced to team up with sexy Detective Gianna Collini. But can he trust her? Or does she have an agenda of her own? When the case becomes personal for them both, Max finds himself struggling to keep his past secret, his feelings for Gianna professional, and put his closet full of skeletons to rest once and for all...before a killer catches up to them both. 

Goren Petrovich was an infamous KOS agent in war-torn Yugoslavia, know for his ability to turn orphaned children into highly trained government assassins. One of his most notable protégées was Anya Danielovich (from the novel PLAY NICE by Gemma Halliday). But after the KOS disbanded and Petrovich fled to the U.S., he continued his training "academy"—this time for personal profit. Three of his talented U.S. pupils: Sabrina, Jake, and Max Shaw. But when the siblings break from his grasp and attempt to start over, living normal lives that have nothing to do with guns, death, or lies, they learn that you can never really escape your past... 

Hard to Kill (book #1) 
Hard to Trust (book #2) 
Hard to Stop (book #3) 

My Review:
This book was a fabulous, adventure, adrenaline-filled read. From the opening page, the action is non-stop.

Max is a financial wizard who works in NYC, but he has a very different history than one would expect from a financial trader. Before he moved to the US, he was an assassin. Now someone wants to dismantle his carefully constructed new world and attacks are coming at him from every angle. He doesn't know who's behind it, but the 16 yo Mick is the key to figuring that out. This issue...Mick's older sister in a NYC Detective and she's doing everything she can to protect her younger brother. (Note: this isn't the first time that Max has seen Gia and I love that there was an attraction for him long before they ever was a neat little detail. 

Gia is doing the best she can to raise her 16 yo brother, but he's rebelling and getting mixed up in things that he really shouldn't. When he becomes the number one suspect in the murder of Max's best friend, she's doing everything she can to keep Max away from Mick because Max is stalking her little brother. The only thing she knows is that Max isn't as innocent in all this as he acts. He's hiding something...and as she gets deeper and deeper, she realizes that what he's hiding is something big. 

I liked the way that the story played out. It's much more suspense than romance, although those undercurrents are there. The thing is, neither of them can afford to trust the other although they have to work together to get to the bottom of this. And while I'm usually much more excited about the romance, the suspense in this one was so good, I didn't even notice that the romance was a bit less than I normally enjoy. And like I said, the undercurrents were there...they were just more subtle than I normally like. 

This is the first book I've read by Wendy Byrne, but I'd definitely read her again. In fact, I really need to go back and read the other two books in the series about Max's brother and sister. While this is a series, this book definitely worked as a stand-alone.

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