Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Best in Show by Kelly Jensen

Title:  Best In Show
Author: Kelly Jensen
My Rating: B+

Genre: Paranormal Romance (m/m)
Series: -
Main Characters: Mac and Julian
Release Date: July 2016
Publisher: Dreamspinner
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Sexual Intensity: mild

Story Overview:
Solitary mystery writer Julian Wilkes doesn’t want a pet, but his sister persuades him to visit Lingwood Animal Rescue, where he is immediately taken with a large ginger tabby cat. Before he can settle into the joys of cat ownership, however, he discovers something very unusual about his new companion.

Macavity Birch is cursed. By day he is a large tabby cat. At night he can be himself—a human male with ginger hair and oddly yellow eyes. He didn’t mean to end up in the animal rescue, but he never meant any harm when playing the prank that resulted in his curse, either. Happily, Julian adopts him. But while exploring his host’s home, he discovers the diary of a long-dead relative.

Unfortunately, not all of Mac’s ancestors are dead and buried. His great-great-great-grandmother is very much alive, and she’s a powerful witch who doesn’t take kindly to the sharing of family secrets. When Mac reveals himself to Julian in order to save him from bigger trouble, he achieves just the opposite, plunging Julian deeper into a magical mystery with him.

My Review:
Yes, I'll admit it...I'm a cat person and could totally see either of my cats as cat shifters and that made me love this book even more. Mac is a cat shifter and has been able to shift into his cat form since he turned 13. But recently, he offended his witch relative and she's made it so he can only shift into his human form during the dark of night. A twist of fate meant Mac ended up in the animal shelter which is where Julian found him. 

Julian is an introverted author. His sister thinks that a pet may make him more socially adaptable (i.e. a dog will get him out of the house and maybe interacting with PEOPLE). Instead he adopts a cat and begins an even more odd with a standoffish cat...really, is there any other kind? But what he doesn't realize is that his cat turns into a man at night...although that would explain the food and beer he can't remember consuming. 

This was a totally fun read. I loved Mac and the stress of his situation, and I absolutely fell in love with Julian and the nurturing, caring soul he has. I loved how he would talk to Mac and really considers and worries about keeping the cat happy. Julian may be introverted, but he's lonely and really wants the companionship.

There's an interesting twist to the story with the witches and the journal that Julian bought for inspiration for his latest novel. I would have LOVED to have delved deeper into all this...seriously, this book would have worked wonderfully as a full length book going into all they mystery and lore there. But as it is it was a really fun read that kept me smiling throughout. I love the idea of a housecat shifter. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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