Thursday, June 23, 2016

Secretly Hers by Jamie Beck

Title: Secretly Hers
Author: Jamie Beck
My Rating: A-

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Sterling Canyon #2
Main Characters: Kelsey and Trip
Release Date: June 2016
Publisher: Montlake
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Sexual Intensity: hot
Story Overview:
On her thirty-first birthday, hopeless romantic Kelsey Callihan has all but given up on happily ever afters, which is why she agrees to a risqué proposition from Sterling Canyon’s notorious playboy, backcountry skier Trip Lexington. After all, every girl needs a little fun, and with Trip, there are no mixed signals or risks of a broken heart. And if his tips can help her land a husband in the process, all the better.
Trip couldn’t be happier with his secret, no-strings fling with sweet and sexy Kelsey until she calls it quits after meeting a man she believes could share her dream of marriage and family. His jealousy turns to outrage when he discovers that the man is his estranged half brother and lifelong rival.
Now Trip must decide whether the fire in his gut is due to sibling rivalry or something much more dangerous…like love.

My Review:

Jamie Beck is still a fairly new to me author, so for some reason I go into these books with low expectations...which she defies every time. I loved this book. 

This is book #2 in this series, although you can easily read both books as stand-alones. This book features two very unlikely main characters. In the first book, Kelsey became known as Boomerang, because even though the hero kept telling her no, she never understood he was just not that into her...and she kept coming right back. Trip is the hero in this book and he's Grey (hero from book #1) friend and business partner. Trip is the town man-whore. In town for a weekend trip? Trip's your man and will make your vacation all you'd hoped it'd be without any awkward expectations. Whereas Kelsey has ALL the expectations. She wants the picket fence, 2.5 kids, and the family soon as possible. Her biological clock isn't getting any younger.

That's the setup and it worked so, so well. I loved these two together. Trip is unapologetic about never wanting more, but he guarantees that what you get right now will be more than enough. He wants Kelsey, but knows that he's nowhere near what she wants...besides sexually. But he's also watching her Boomerang routine and cringing. So he offers her a deal...he'll deal with her sexual needs and in exchange, he'll teach her how not to act so desperate so maybe she won't scare the next guy away. 

The thing is...Trip isn't the jerk that he sounds like he is. There are very good reasons why he doesn't want a commitment and I challenge you not to be moved by his story. This is a man with deep scars, but an amazing heart. He just doesn't expose it very often. And even though Kelsey has all these romantic dreams, she's also this really driven career-woman with definite goals for her life...more than having babies and taking care of the house. 

I loved the story and the emotions behind it all. It was a fabulous read, set in the backdrop of the Colorado mountains. I loved the skiing and the adventure company that Grey and Trip own. I also really loved the backstory for Trip with his father and family. It all set up to make for a great book that I highly recommend. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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