Friday, June 10, 2016

Promo Post: Once a Heartbreaker by T.J. Kline

Ty Preston ran out on the woman he loved twelve years ago, but now he’s back to prove he’s a changed man. However, Rayne can’t risk getting her heart broken by the cowboy again.

Rule: A real man never lies, especially to a woman.

Unless a man is doing it for the right reason. What else is a man supposed to do when he loves a woman too much to let her give up her dreams? And Ty had no doubt that, after his rodeo injury, Rayne would have turned down her scholarships, and her escape from her abusive father, to stay with him. So he ignored one of the rules that had helped him change his life for the better in Saddle Creek. Even if it meant sacrificing his own desires and giving up the woman he loved. He would do it in order to see Rayne live the life she deserved rather than suffer through the one he shackled her to.

Unfortunately, when Ty returns to Saddle Creek, he finds out that sometimes the “right reasons” depend on your perspective. What might be right in one moment could very well be his worst mistake and the consequences from that decision can’t be swept away or forgiven with a simple apology. Trust must be earned, but how can he expect Rayne to ever trust him again after he broke her heart?

How do you make up for past lies when you aren’t sure you’d do anything differently if given the chance to do it over?

T.J. Kline
T.J. Kline writes sexy, contemporary romance that will make you laugh, cry and feel all the emotions in between. When she's not writing you can find her laughing hysterically with her family or chasing around her menagerie of animals in Northern California.


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