Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Promo Post: Her Unwanted Hero by Veronica Forand

Her Unwanted Hero, by Veronica Forand

Rule: A real man always helps someone in need... he may be the only one who does. 

Griffin Alexander, a police officer with a difficult past, falls for Trinity Estrada. Trinity is caught in cycle of abuse with her father. When Griffin steps into help pull her out of a bad situation, Trinity asks him to back off. She is scared for her mother if she leaves home.

Griffin fought to save his own mother from an abusive parent years ago and was arrested for assault because of it. He decides to respect Trinity’s wishes and steps away from their relationship and from her family situation.

When visiting his mentor back in the ranch that helped him grow from a sullen teen to strong man, he is reminded that “A real man always helps someone in need... he may be the only one who does.” When he returns home, he is willing to give up his relationship to Trinity to help her and her mother leave the horrible situation created by her father. But he might be too late.

Veronica Forand
A Golden Pen winner in romantic suspense, Veronica Forand is an attorney and a novelist. An avid traveler, she loves to roam across continents with her husband and kids in pursuit of skiing, scuba diving, and finding the perfect piece of chocolate.
Website: www.sharlalovelace.com

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