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Crazy About Love by Cassie Mae

Title: Crazy About Love
Author: Cassie Mae
My Rating: B

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: All About Love #3
Main Characters: Alec and Theresa
Release Date: June 2016
Publisher: Loveswept
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Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:
Single again on Valentine’s Day, struggling actor Alec Tucker agrees to help out his longtime friend—and unrequited love—Theresa Jones by filling in as one of the bachelors for her company’s charity auction. Alec figures it couldn’t hurt to meet someone new. Still, working with Theresa reminds him of all the reasons he never got over her. So it feels a little bittersweet when, out of nowhere, a beautiful young street artist buys a date with him for a whopping four grand.

Little does he know, Theresa’s had a major change of heart. She’s crushed when someone else wins a date with Alec—but she isn’t going down without a fight. After a pep talk from her best friend, Theresa makes a desperate move that goes against her better judgment . . . and things only get crazier from there. But with Alec ready to move on and Theresa afraid she’s pushed him away for good, maybe a little crazy is exactly what they need—before they both miss their shot.

My Review:
Be ready...this book is written in a completely bizarre fashion and I'll be honest, it didn't really work for me from about 25%-45% mark and I'll explain why in my review. For that 20% of the book, I considered DNF'ing the book, but I'm so glad that I didn't because I turned out loving the book and the story and the romance.

So the way this book is laid out....
It's written in two parts. The first is Alec's point of view. Alec has been in love with Theresa for 18 months so in his part it goes back that far in time to flashbacks for how he confessed that love to Theresa. In between are present day scenes where it's Valentines Day and Alec is participating in a bachelor auction because he can't tell his FRIEND, Theresa, no. Yes, he's still in love with her, but has decided this night is his opportunity to meet someone new... to finally move on with his life. 

It's at the second half of his section that I was tempted to quit the book. For this part of the book, the reader has no idea what's going on in Theresa's head. We only know that Alec loves her and it appears that she's jerking him around with the back and forth playing with his emotions. I didn't like either of them much at this point. She was wishy-washy and he continued to let her mess with him even knowing that his heart would be shredded at the end of it. It was also fairly obvious that Theresa didn't have any balls whatsoever because of what was happening in the Present (no spoilers, but I totally saw that coming.)

The the story starts over again from Theresa's point of view in the second part of the book. Everything that we just saw Alec go through, we got to see again through Theresa's eyes and mental voice. This part worked for me so, so much. Suddenly I could see the reasons and I could see a future, the possibilities, the heartbreak that got them to where they were. 

I'm not sure if I'm a fan of this method of story telling or not. Like I said I was so, so tempted to quit and that would have been a travesty because when it was all said and done I was swooning and tearing up over the love story in this book. I loved it and loved the friends to lovers romance of it all even though it was really painful for both characters to get to the HEA at the end. 

I didn't read the first two in the series and I don't feel like that hurt my enjoyment of this book at all, even though those couples do appear throughout this story. Overall, this is a bit of a mixed review, but I would recommend the book after finishing it. I just suggest you fight through the parts that may be a little slow and frustrating because the end makes the journey worth the pain for both the reader and the characters involved.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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