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Avenged by Marnee Blake

Title: Avenged 
Author: Marnee Blake
My Rating: B

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Altered #2
Main Characters: Kitty and Nick
Release Date: June 2016
Publisher: Entangled
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Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Overview:
Three terrifying months.

That’s how long Kitty Laughton has been at the mercy of the scientist who experimented on her town, killing over a dozen people and giving the rest of them unique powers. But Kitty doesn’t feel powerful, especially when she learns the crazy man plans to test his research on more unsuspecting people. She refuses to let anyone else die, but trapped with no one to help her she’s out of options…that is until sexy and exasperating Nick Degrassi arrives.

Special-ops soldier Nick blames himself for Kitty’s capture, and he’ll do whatever he can to free the quiet beauty, but close quarters and a shared secret bring an attraction that neither of them expected. With the organization that started it all making mercenaries for hire, Nick and Kitty must save themselves and stop a madman…before it’s too late.

My Review:
I loved the first book in this series just for how creative the set-up for the entire world was. While this one picked up right where the first left off, it had a slightly different feel just because the group we got to know in the first novel is fractured. The main story though involves Nick trying to free Kitty from the jail/complex/medical facility where she's being held. 

In the first book, Kitty was a meek, mild little thing...overwhelmed by her new power to read minds. In this book she's been jailed and basically tortured for 3 months. She's so over any of those things that held her back before. If she gets an opportunity she's going to take it, no matter who she has to run over in the process. 

Her opportunity comes from Nick. He's had a crush on Kitty from the very start, but in the first book she was betrayed by his roommate, so she places him in the same cocky jerk mold as his roommate, although he's done nothing to earn that judgement. It takes a long time for Kitty to trust Nick and her own judgement throughout this story. She didn't see the betrayal coming in the last book and that's how she ended up imprisoned. 

For Nick, he feels so guilty about the fact that Kitty got taken and it has taken so long for them to get her freed. He sees her as such a strong character which she doesn't see at all. And that brings up an interesting point in this story...Kitty can hear Nick's thoughts and still doesn't trust his motivation for a long, long time...and I understand that her track record is to blame for this.

While I did still enjoy this novel and the setup for the story line, I had one major issue with all the confrontational scenes. Various men were running away with various things and people. Everyone has some modicum of power that they can wield on the others to stop their momentum. Over and over again, they would confront the bad guy and then people would get frozen. OMG, don't confront the bad guy...just shoot him in the head, then he can't freeze you. It was such an obvious solution, but I know...then there would be no climactic confrontations. But I felt like I was watching a bad movie and yelling at the screen..."Shoot him, now, before he or someone else freezes you!" 

But maybe that's just me. :D But even with that I did enjoy the book and can't wait for more in the series. Now they have to catch up with that other guy...there's always one who gets away.

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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