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Phase Shift by Jenn Burke and Kelly Jensen

Title: Phase Shift
Author: Jenn Burke and Kelly Jensen
My Rating: A+

Genre: Sci Fi Romance (m/m)
Series: Chaos Station #5
Main Characters: Zed and Flick
Release Date: May 2015
Publisher: Carina Press
Links to Purchase:
Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Zander and Felix’s relationship has always pushed boundaries—personal and professional alike—but their love and commitment is stronger than ever. So strong that Zander’s ready to ask commitment-shy Felix the question of a lifetime when he’s interrupted. The Chaos is being hacked, and crucial, top secret information about the project that created Zander—and his fellow super soldiers—has been leaked.

Neither man could have expected the enormity of what’s discovered at the end of the data trail: an entire colony of super soldiers run by the very doctor who changed Zander’s life forever. And now she needs them both—Zander to train her new crop of soldiers, and Felix’s new crystalline arm to stabilize their body chemistry.

With help from the unlikeliest of allies, Zander, Felix and the Chaos crew must destroy the project and all its ill-gotten information. But when the team is split up and Felix is MIA after a dangerous run, galactic disaster is a very real possibility…and Zander may have missed his chance to ask for forever.

Book Five of Chaos Station

My Review:

Whew...the last book in the series. Just typing that and the tears start flowing. I've fallen in love with Zed and Flick and I'm still not sure I'm ready to let them go, but the good news is...I can continue to reread their story over and over again. Because I have loved this entire series and this final book did NOT disappoint. 

This book started out with an argument...Zed wants to get married. Flick doesn't see the need...he's already fully, completely committed...why do they need something more? It's just a piece a paper. But unlike Flick, Zed grew up with ceremony and tradition as a normal thing in his world. He wants to stand up in front of his friends and family and tell them all that he belongs to Flick. They disagree, and then life gets crazy once again when someone hacks into their ship's files...breaking into the Dreamweaver Project files. Anyone messing with that experimental, deadly program that almost killed Zed is dangerous. They can't let them get away without discovering what the hackers are doing with that information. And the adventure begins from there...

This is another dangerous, adrenaline filled adventure that takes the Chaos and its crew to the extremes of their limits. It was so good. There were moments when I laughed (Elias's line, "Yay" was one of the best lines in the ENTIRE series) and of course, I cried...more than once. Zed and Flick never asked to be the saviors of the galaxy, but once again, that becomes their mission. My heart broke for Zed when he's trying to deal with the Guardians, who don't understand the idea of gray areas. 

If anyone deserves a break, these two do. But I love with their plan for the future (no spoilers...just know that I love how the authors wrapped everything up so perfectly.)

In this final book, there were a lot of scenes that featured the entire crew and I loved that. I also liked the final moments between Zed and Brennan...who has been one of my favorite characters from his very first scene on the page. While I hate that the series is ending, the authors did an amazing job tying it all up perfectly. The book was romantic and sweet and stress-inducing and emotional. I stretched out reading it over three days just because I wasn't ready to let go. But when I hit the end, I smiled, because I was satisfied with where the characters went with their plans for the future. I love them so much and only want them to be happy...together...with many, many, many more sexy times between them. 

When I started this series, I was excited about a male/male science fiction series. While I like reading sci fi, I honestly don't pick it up very often. This series is the exception to that rule. In fact, as the series has grown, this has become one of my top three series loves of all time (for those of you taking other two favorites are Suzanne Brockmann's Troubleshooter series and Sherilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series). When I started writing this review I went back and looked at all my review for the five books. Not a single one of them rated lower than A...two of them received A+ ratings. That NEVER happens for me to love books across a series that consistently. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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Note: I honestly think this is the first time in my reading history where every single book in the series received an A or A+ rating...all 5-stars. Yes, this series is that outstanding.

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