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One Smoking Hot Fairy Tail by Kevin James Breaux

Title: One Smoking Hot Fairy Tail 
Author: Kevin James Breaux
My Rating: B+

Genre: Urban Fantasy 
Series: #1
Main Characters: Sabrina
Release Date: April 2016
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Sexual Intensity: spicy

Story Description
Sabrina, a lovely fairy has it all: fame, fortune, and beauty—until her boyfriend Cade, a rebel vampire, films their involvement in a crime as well as the passionate lovemaking that follows. 

But Cade loses his camera and the video is posted online, ruining Sabrina’s life. After a year of nursing her wounds, she resurfaces only to find herself hunted for her wings. 
The lives of all unearthly beings are at stake—fairies, windigos, mummies, and elemental spirits, caught up in a frightening flood of events that threaten their discovery. Sabrina and Moselle, a sex-starved mummy and the daughter of a wealthy businessman, find themselves in the middle of the conflict, forced to take drastic action to protect their identities and lives. 

In trying to save themselves can they also prevent the United States from falling into the hands of an evil mind with horrible intentions?

My Review:

Wow...what a fantastically creative and innovative book. Although I've read one of this author's horror novellas, I honestly wasn't sure what to expect from a full-length paranormal novel from him. What I got surpassed my non-existent expectations (so I guess I had some...I just didn't know exactly what they were.)

This is a story about four friends that come together in an effort to keep a bad guy from killing Sabrina for her wings. 

1. Sabrina is a fairy. She's the modern day equivalent of Kardashian or Paris Hilton. She's famous for her beauty and partying ways...and her incredibly gorgeous back tattoo of wings...that isn't really a tattoo at all. A year ago, she lost everything when her boyfriend Cade filmed them having sex. The press got hold of the tape and Sabrina's life was ruined. She's just now beginning to recover from that debacle.

2. Cade is a vampire who was turned during the Civil War and he's completely in love with Sabrina. He has no idea what even happened to her after he videoed them because the vampires have all been put to ground...pulled into a deep sleep by the vampire empire...and all of that happened after he went to sleep. But Sabrina needs his help so he's awake again, even though she is not happy with him. 

3. Moselle is Sabrina's best friend and also Egyptian royalty who's a few thousand years old. Yeah, she's a modern day mummy, but nobody knows that except other paranormal beings. She has a really interesting history and existence today to maintain her healthy appearance. No spoilers, but wow... (And can I just say...every scene from Moselle's house-besides the snakes-made me want to see it. Her closet- gasp!)

4. Jackson is the human in the bunch. He's Moselle's boyfriend and I think he was my favorite character. He's a hockey player but battling all these supernatural creatures (that originally he didn't even know existed...including what Moselle really is), but he takes everything in stride and puts his hockey moves to good use during battles. I really did love him and how he pretty much took this all in stride because he cares so much for Moselle.

The story is chock-full of action that involves a ton of paranormal creatures who are all existing in the human world. But threaded within the story are other miniature vignettes in time and from history about how all these characters got to this place. Those vignettes go from ancient Egypt, to the Civil War, to even Hitler...yeah, there were some really fun and creative ways the author tied history into this modern day paranormal world. 

I really enjoyed reading it. And while the suspense story line concluded in this book, the story line for the characters doesn't look like it's over yet. YES! Can I just say how excited I am about that? I can't wait to see what happens with them next and where the author takes them all. 


Kevin James Breaux is an award-winning author and artist. He has over eight years of professional writing credit, including short stories and novels and has completed seven books. 
He is a member of the Horror Writers Association, Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America, and the Erotic Authors Association. 
Breaux has a growing fan base, including foreign markets in Great Britain and other parts of Europe, and has never stopped striving to better himself as an author as well as to encourage his fellow writers. His motto is Write Makes Might! He is passionate about his craft, while understanding that writing is his business.
Breaux is represented by Marisa A. Corvisiero, the founder of the Corvisiero Literary Agency.

Cover Quote
"Kevin Breaux takes no prisoners! This is raw, funny, edgy, unapologetic and highly weird. Buckle up." -Jonathan Maberry, New York Times best-selling author of Patient Zero and Kill Switch.

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