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Checkmate by R.L. Mathewson (audiobook)

Title: Checkmate
Author: R.L. Mathewson
My Rating: A
Narrator: Fran Jules

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Neighbor From Hell #3
Main Characters: Connor and Rory
Release Date: November 2013 (audiobook)
Publisher: Audible
Links to Purchase:
Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
There’s nothing worse than living next door to your childhood nemesis, except maybe being forced to share your dream project with him, being blackmailed into going along with something that was just wrong on so many levels, and having your hot cocoa stolen by the person that drove you to drink it in the first place.As long as she has plenty of hot cocoa, a pair of pliers on hand and is able to resist Connor O’Neil’s bad boy charm then Rory James should be able to make it through this project with her sanity intact. If not…
She’d probably face a few more nights in jail, have a few more restraining orders slapped against her and lose her heart to the man that ruined her life. 
©2012 R.L. Mathewson (P)2013 Audible, Inc.
My Review:
Overall.... 4.50
Performance... 4.75

Story.... 4.50

Oooh, I think this is one of the best enemies to lovers story that I've ever read. Where the two previous books featured Bradfords and their insane obsession with food, this one featured a Bradford cousin and her insane obsession with getting one over on her mortal enemy, Connor.

These two hate one another...completely and totally. They've spent their lives making the other person's life pure hell. Throughout the story are little snippets of how/why Connor and Rory have gotten jailed, banned, and driven out of places was so funny. I can't imagine how long the author spent thinking up all those crazy scenarios. The book is worth reading for just the length and breadth of hearing about the antics between these two. This story takes the story of the little four year old boy pulling the cute girls pigtails to an extreme. 

But they both work construction and in this book they are put to work together on the biggest project either one of them has ever had to work. It will make their careers, but they have to work together and cooperate to make it come together. Most of the town would bet on this being an impossible task. In fact, most of the town will not even let them attend events at the same time because of the destruction they leave in their wake when that happens. I loved the set-up.

And then the story began and I fell completely and totally in love with Connor. Because he is that sweet little four year old. He's always just liked Rory...a lot. He's also done all these incredible sweet things over the years to protect and shield Rory. He wants to take care of her. And Rory has never had that. She grew up in a family of five men...her four brothers and their father. They had NO IDEA what to do with her, so out of self-preservation, she became prickly and hard. Connor is the ONLY person ever in her life who sees her as a girl...and it drives her nuts. 

I LOVED this so much! It was just fabulous. So much emotion and the narrator once again NAILED the story and characters to perfection. I highly recommend it!

I love this series. As soon as I finished this one, I immediately got online and bought the next three. If they are near as good as the previous three, I'm going to get a lot of housework done this week (I listen to audiobooks while I do my household chores, so if I'm listening to a good one, I just keep working.)

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