Tuesday, May 31, 2016

At Any Cost by Mandy Baxter

Title: At Any Cost
Author: Mandy Baxter
My Rating: B

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Series: US Marshals #4
Main Characters: Nick and Livy
Release Date: May 2016
Publisher: Zebra
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Sexual Intensity: hot

Story Overview:
Fast, cunning, and driven, he'll do whatever it takes to nail the most violent federal perps. But she is the one danger he'll never see coming… 

She can't remember when she wasn't afraid. She can't go to the police. And "Olivia Gallagher" is only a day away from fleeing her Idaho wilderness life before biker gang leader Joel Meecum finally catches up with her. So keeping her rugged new neighbor at arm's length is the only safe play. Until Livy can't resist one last hungry chance to feel alive…

For U.S. Marshal Nick Brady, taking his vacation next door to Meecum's ex-girlfriend seemed the smartest way to find him. But suddenly, nothing is making sense. How could this feisty, straight-talking brunette ever get mixed up with Meecum's brutal crew? And why is he breaking his oath and getting so close that all he wants is to keep her safe? Now as the clock ticks, Nick and Livy's only chance at escape may be the one they can't survive…

My Review:
Hmm, a bad boy Marshal. I liked that Nick was a bit of a rebel. In fact, he's so passionate about doing his job, at the start of this book he's been put on mandatory vacation. No more going off what he's been ordered to do...at least according to Nick's boss. Nick has other ideas. In fact, as a new lead comes in about a notorious MC just as he's leaving the office, Nick sees it as kismet. He can spend this month off chasing down that lead in Idaho. 

That lead is Livy. Livy is hiding out in a ski resort in Idaho. Four years ago, she made enemies of the MC. Ever since she's doing everything she can to stay safe, alive and off the radar. But then Nick moves in next door and for the first time in four years, Livy is tempted to live a little, take risks. She has no idea that she should fear Nick just as much as the shadows in the dark. 

I've loved every book in this series. While this wasn't my favorite of the group, I did still really enjoy reading the book. I loved the fact that Livy is a world class skier. That adds so much more dimension to her character. I wish she had gotten Nick onto the ski slopes with her. 

There's a slight twist to the suspense story line. I called it WAY early in the book and I think that affected how much I enjoyed that aspect of the story. In fact the suspense story line overall fell a little flat for me. There was never any doubt who the bad guy was and it was even announced in the book when he was coming after her. That knowledge definitely took something away from the need to turn the page. 

Also there wasn't a lot of conclusion to the story, so I was left with questions. What happened to Nick's job? He went WAY off the reservation, despite bringing in the bad guy. He was already in trouble. What about Livy's skiing. Already she was mourning possibly leaving Idaho. Would Nick move there? The book just kind of ended. I needed a little bit more to be satisfied. 

So, while not 100% positive on this one, it should still be noted that I enjoyed reading the story overall. And that cover? Rawr...serious gorgeousness right there. It makes me think I need this one in print. ;)

I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for an honest review.

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